Best Books about Productivity

By Chistopher O. | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: Five Minutes

Looking for books that will increase productivity? Look below for today's top picks.

5 Best Books about Poductivity
1) HBR Guide to Being More Productive by The Harvard Business Review
If you are looking for a no-nonsense type of poductivity guide, then the HBR Guide to Being More Productive is for you. The book gets straight to the point on how to prioritize more important work, take on less and get more done, have better focus and protect your schedule. If you feel like you are always playing catch up on tasks and need a solution-oriented self-improvement kick, you should check it out.
2) The Psychology of Procrastination: Understand Your Habits, Find Motivation, and Get Things Done by Hayden Finch PhD
If you are more of the curious type and want to understand the underlying psychology of why people procrastinate, then The Psychology of Procrastination is a good choice for you. The book first dives deep into the core issues that trigger procrastination, laziness and unproductive behavior, and then provides a step-by-step guide to help you overcome those issues. It's an insightful and refreshing book that gives an all-encompassing perspective, and is both eye opening and effective.
3) Getting Things Done by David Allen
In Getting Things Done, international best-selling author, David Allen, teaches us a simple methodology of capture-clarify-organize to reduce "noise," prioritize tasks, feel calmer, and be more productive. The method applies to both work and life, and helps us be more organized, focused and confident to take on bigger challenges in life.
4) How to be a Productivity Ninja UPDATED EDITION: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do by Graham Allcott
In this fun-to-read book, Graham Allcott takes a practical approach on teaching others how to become more productive in the information age. The book includes ways to stop responding to unnecessary emails, scrolling through useless social feeds and wasting time on ineffective tasks, and how to get down to business so you can get the important things done. We live in the information age where traditional management techniques don't work anymore. Instead, we need to be ninjas of productivity, with decisive, cutthroat and zen-like mindset and execution style, in order to accomplish what's important.
5) Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity by Erica Schultz
Inspired by the author's personal experience, in Not Today, Erica Schultz studied the habits of extremely productive people and discovered what they do differently to achieve the highest level of productivity. In addition to helping you stay focused and stop procrastinating, the book also helps you change your mindset, work in "sprints," and refuel mental energy. The book is part-productivity, part-wellness and completely worth the read.

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