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As many of us slowly return to the office, so will our office bags. Once again, we need bags that are functional, high quality and roomy enough to fit our work lives and more. If you are looking for such a bag, scroll down. You will find seven of the best office bags for women to invest in.

1) Michael Kors Avril Large Top Zip Slouch Satchel Crossbody | $169.47
As an affordable luxury, this Michael Kors bag is great for work, travel and play. It's not too big, not too small, and fits just about everything you need to carry. With smooth leather and a subtle KORS logo on the outside, it exudes an upscale appearance without being obnoxious. You can find it at MICHAEL KORS SLOUCH SATCHEL
2) TUMI Voyageur Sheryl Business Laptop Tote | $445
If you travel a lot for business, then the TUMI Voyageur is for you. It fits all of your travel needs including neck pillows, jackets and a laptop. It also wears comfortably and lasts a lifetime.
3) Kate Spade New York Cameron Laptop Tote Purse | $239.75
This purse has the signature Kate Spade look. It is made for the modern working woman, and emanates both function and style. With a splash of soft lavendar, it also adds a feminine touch which offsets a serious office outfit.
4) Calvin Klein Gabrianna Bubble Lamb North/South Key Item Tote | $87.89
This CK bag has reversible functionality and a unique shape that might make it a talking piece. It wears comfortably and has enough room to carry everything you need for the work day. If you are looking for something different, then you might consider this bag.
5) Vera Bradley Performance Twill Work Tote Bag | $145.21
Vera Bradley is a great brand for the everyday-purse. This particular Vera Bradley is made with water-repellent fabric and is durable, light and weather-friendly. Not only is it great for the office, it's great for travel and weekends too. It comes in various colors and patterns and is complementary to any outfit.
6) BOSTANTEN Briefcase Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase | $159.99
This briefcase is very lady boss. Its smooth leather exterior and metal hardware bring luxury and elegance, while its structured design gives off a professional vibe. It's the perfect office bag for any woman who enjoys taking charge.
7) Coach Women's Dempsey Tote In Signature Jacquard With Patch | $449.88
Even though this bag is made with denim, its sophisticated design and sleek appearance make it workplace-appropriate. With a trustworthy brand like COACH and great quality, the bag will serve you well and last a long time.

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