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10 Famous Women Entrepreneurs (2020 Edition)
The leading board in the entrepreneurship world has been male-dominated for years. However, lately, there has been a change of events, and women are rising and launching a new era of female leadership in entrepreneurship. To inspire you to establish yourself as a businesswoman, we have compiled a list of the top 10 famous businesswomen of 2020. Keep reading to find out how they realized success, why they are an inspiration to many, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

1. Madison Rose Dalmaso
She is one of the famous women entrepreneurs in the world. Born on June 13th, 1996, Madison has been consistently growing her career and partnering with big brands in the business world. She founded the Dream Again Movement, a US-based virtual entrepreneurship venture for the youth.

Besides Dream Again Movement, she is one of Bob Proctor's top global consultants in entrepreneurship and finance matters. She partners with Matrix Success Network, a business that sells high-quality lumber products for building and construction in Texas.

However, one of her notable contributions is working as a personal development coach alongside her father, Brian Dalmaso. As a coach, she has helped people learn entrepreneurship and finance, start a business, unleash their potential, and achieve success.

Therefore, she has become an inspiration to many women in her own right. Her entrepreneurship journey has been a success, and many aspiring entrepreneurs look up to her.

2. Huda Kattan
Huda Kattan is an Iraqi-American born beauty blogger, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She moved to Dubai in 2006, where she developed her finance gig before quitting. She joined a beauty school in Los Angeles, where she studied makeup and worked for Revlon in Dubai.

She later started a beauty blog where she gave her audience beauty tips and video tutorials. In 2013, Huda began her beauty empire that now included the blog and cosmetics line. She achieved immense success with it but was still struggling with finding quality products for her clients.

The idea to make synthetic and faux minx eyelashes at her empire came up. One of her greatest moments is when Kim Kardashian wore her eyelashes and made her product sell out on the first day. She has then expanded her business and is now selling a wide range of products. Many aspiring young women joining the beauty industry look up to Huda for inspiration.

3. Christine Curran
Christine Curran was born on December 28th, 1984, in the US. She is a businesswoman cum entertainer who has grown her craft and inspired many young women to follow her path. She has a lifestyle TV show, namely Dining Divas TV, featuring the best drink and dine joints in Florida.

Her lifestyle TV show airs under the Ft Liquordale Entertainment label she owns. We can best describe Christine Curran as the face of Florida's entertainment. Her efforts in elevating entertainment in South Florida have borne fruit. She has hosted several huge brands like International Print, Playboy TV, Harley Davidson, and Florida Cycling News.

She plans to take entertainment a notch higher by developing a new TV show in 2020. The show is titled America's Gone Viral and will be in partnership with her husband, Brian Breach. As a female entertainer, Christine has inspired many young women looking to venture into the entertainment world.

4. Christina Hammoud
On October 17th, 1991, Christina Hammoud was born to a Hispanic and Middle Eastern family in Miami, Florida. She works as an influencer, TV personality, and actress. Christina's journey of growth has not been comfortable, as described by her. However, she has kept it lively and pushed on with a smile.

Before starting her new career, Christina was a professional dancer. She performed with musical artists on Latin TV Networks and also went on tours. In her blog, she also mentions being in a 9-5 job that she found uninteresting, and that pushed her to follow her passions.

Her website shares some tidbits of her life, including her love for food and travels. She also showcases her lifestyle and other experiences with her audience. She has used her blog to inspire fellow women to follow their passions and chase their dreams. She plans to do this more with her upcoming podcast.

5. CA Vandana Dodhia: Founder, Vandana V. Dodhia & Co.
CA Vandana Dodhia is one of the famous women entrepreneurs and a founder of Vandana V. Dodhia & Co. Her firm is a consultancy for entrepreneurs looking to starting companies. She advises them on formation and company registration according to the law. They also provide E-solutions and bookkeeping for companies in various industries.

Besides, her company has been providing auditing and corporate training for over 22 years. She inspires many women as she holds an influential decision-making role in Vandana V. Dodhia & Co. Her enthusiasm, energy, and excellence in the industry have been critical in her growth from scratch.

CA Vandana Dodhia's advice to young women centers on practically chasing their dreams and passions. She encourages young female entrepreneurs to follow their curiosity and have a positive mindset. Her vision to move forward has been critical in her journey. She believes you can unlock your potential and achieve your dreams if you remain persistent.

6. Maria Brown
Maria Brown is an inspiring female entrepreneur who is a role model for many young women. She is a business consultant who has contributed a lot to women empowerment. She gives tips, ideas, guidance, and mentorship for aspiring business people in this role.

Besides, she is an investor and a serial entrepreneur who has seen immense growth and success. Her determination and hard work have been critical throughout this journey. She is the founder and CEO of Brown Consulting, a purely entrepreneurship-minded firm.

Maria was born on April 16th, 1971. She loves life in general and is a travel enthusiast. She plays a significant role in the inspiration of aspiring businesswomen through her business.

She inspires a lot of young women to join the business world and accomplish their dreams. Her struggles and accomplishments have been critical in this inspirational journey, and she looks forward to doing more in 2020 and beyond.

7. Gabriela Berrospi
Gabriela Berrospi was born on September 2nd, 1990, in Lima, Peru. She studied and graduated from the British International School in Peru before joining New York University. She specialized in options trading and is currently one of the top female entrepreneurs in the world.

She is the founder and CEO of the Latino Wall Street movement. It is a foundation that aims at providing business insights and guidance to the Latino community in Spanish. They provide tools and education necessary for young entrepreneurs to establish businesses and excel in the business world.

Her efforts have borne fruits as many people have learned how to trade within stock markets. Thousands of women from the Latino community have achieved financial freedom. The best thing about Gabriela Berrospi's foundation is that it encourages people to work from home. You can also follow in her footsteps, develop, and advance your business to greater heights.

8. Ridhima Batra: CEO, Global Council
Ridhima Batra is a female entrepreneur who has impacted business and innovation skills to aspiring women entrepreneurs worldwide. Her journey has been transformative and has been characterized by sharing ideas and building a platform for women empowerment. She is the founder and CEO of the Global Council, a company that provides a platform and education to young people joining the business world. The company encourages and supports innovation and provides courses aimed at the personal development of young minds to reach their potential.

As a female entrepreneur, Ridhima Batra encourages young women to follow their passion. She acknowledges that being practical is critical to growth as a young business person. However, she encourages young people to focus on their passions as they will bring them closer to their goals.

Female entrepreneurs can pick a leaf from Ridhima Batra's journey to the top. Her focus has impacted several women who have refocused on their passions and are now on their success journeys.

9. Tiffany Mai
Tiffany Mai is one of the famous female entrepreneurs in the world. She is a successful businesswoman who has provided a platform for many young people to succeed. Besides, she is a philanthropist and author whose written works are selling around the world.

Born on October 25th, 1985, to Vietnamese-American parents, she has been passionate about business from an early age. In 2013, Tiffany set foot in the Insurance industry, where she has also grown and succeeded. She started with Farmers' Insurance in 2013, developed it into Tiffany Mai Insurance Agency in 2014, and later sold it in 2019.

She has also been successful in the clothing and healthy foods industries. Her latest works include the best-selling book titled - Sexy Foods: Exotic recipes for food, love, and life. She travels around the world, sharing her life experiences and motivating young women to join the business world.

10. Cristi Stone
Cristi Stone is a famous model, life coach, and mentor who is a role model for women looking to join the entertainment and life coaching industries. She has grown a vast Instagram audience, mainly female, with which she shares her life experiences and encourages them to work hard.

Cristi was born in Peru on May 6th, 1990, and is now a mother and wife to Jason Stone. They have two kids, a boy, and a girl, and her husband is a renowned life coach and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Millionaire Mentor, an American-based social media strategy firm.

One of the best contributions that she has made to women empowerment is encouraging them to join the beauty influencing industry. She is a top leader in Monat, a direct selling company in the US. She empowers young women and encourages them to be confident while chasing their dreams.

Parting Thoughts
Becoming successful as a woman requires hard work and persistence. The famous female entrepreneurs on this list have shown these characters and a high level of professionalism. They own empires and provide platforms for others to succeed. Their contributions aim at making more female leaders, CEOs in the entrepreneurship world.

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