Modern Office Wall Decor (for Your Home Office)

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Modern Office Wall Decor for Your Home Office
Want to freshen up your home office? Try turning those stark, empty walls into talking pieces filled with inspiration and beauty. You can turn an average home office into a comforting, productive, and energizing work space. Whatever your style, the ideas below will amp up your productivity and re-energize your work days. When you surround yourself with the things that you love, you can do more, be more, and achieve more. The possibilities are endless.
1. The Timeless Wall Clock
Move over smartphones! Clocks are back. Big, bold wall clocks are classy, charming and suits any style. Plus, just like smartphones, they tell time.
2. The Inspirational Wall Art
Somedays, you need extra motivation. Why not inspire yourself with a wall full of motivational sayings? Every time you look up, you fill your thoughts with positivity.

3. Floating Wall Shelves
Running out of book shelve space? Move to the wall. Floating shelves display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends elegantly.

4. Globe Wall Art
Show off your worldliness with an oversized globe art. It commands attention and adds dimension. It also gives you a subtle hint to be world-class in your field.
5. Grid Photo Wall
Nothing adds personality like art on the wall. Exhibit your personal collection of photographs, postcards and more with a simple metal grid. This easy-to-assemble piece helps to personalize your office.
6. Removable Wall Art
An adhesive mural adds style and artistry. Its sheen finish also adds a polished look. They are easily changeable and won't damage your walls. We especially like the one below, because of its serenity.
7. 3D Wall Panels
Create dimension and liven up your space with these texturized wall tiles. Not only are they fun, they are artistic too.
8. Metal Wall Art
Art comes in various forms; and hollow, metal art counts as one of them. This contemporary wall art fits any room and any mood, and looks especially cool and modern on the home office wall.

9. Scrabble Wall Art
Smart girls play scrabble. Smarter girls use it as wall art. This oversized scrabble game makes quite the talking piece and brings a brainy, classy appeal.

10. Hanging Wall Organizer
For your home office, even functional pieces can become decorations. These metal hanging wall organizers keeps paperwork from piling up and getting out of control. They also keep you calm, cool, and collected.

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