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In today's competitive job market, creating multiple streams of income has become essential to wealth-building. A person's job is no longer completely safe. If your only source of income comes from your day job, you are taking a risk with your financial health. Diversifying your income streams might be a way to help boost both your finances and confidence. So how can you make more money on the side? It helps to learn from the pros. Scroll down and find books about creating multiple income streams, written by people who have succeeded at it.

Books About Creating Multiple Income Streams
1) The Home-Based Revolution: Create Multiple Income Streams from Home by Martha Krejci
In The Home-Based Revolution, you will find practical tips that help you create a life of abundance and fulfillment by building a home-based business that works for your busy lifestyle.
2) BUILDING MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: A Passive Income Guide To Generate Wealth And Create Financial Freedom
Wealth-building starts with mindset. If you believe you can, you will. This book not only helps you create a wealth mindset, it also offers ways to create various income streams and achieve financial freedom.
3) Sell Your Crafts Online: The Handmaker's Guide to Selling from Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Influencers and More
If you are the crafty type, then selling handmade products on sites like Etsy might be for you. In this book, you will discover how artisans have succeeded in selling on e-commerce sites by working from the comfort of their homes.
4) Cashflow Dojo: Build Your Home on Multiple Streams of Income
Written by professional speaker, thought leader, real estate investor, best-selling author and entrepreneur, Martin Saenz, Cashflow Dojo shares strategies and tactics that help you increase cash flow with multiple streams of income. In the book, you will find both a road map to success, as well as how to build a brand, network with other entrepreneurs and live life by your own design.
5) The 21 Best Cashflow Niches™: Creating Wealth In The Best Alternative Cashflow Investments
Top-rated business and investing podcaster, M.C. Laubscher of Cashflow Ninja®, shares the best investment ideas from past interviews with top investors. From the book, you will learn of investing approaches that generate monthly, quarterly, and annual income from assets in what's known as "the cash flow portfolio." The entrepreneurs in his book created financial freedom quicker than others. Now, you can too.

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