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Rebuke and discord are the greatest joy killers. Being rebuked at work for slight mistakes and not getting appreciated for your feats can have a negative impact on your morale and performance. Everyone loves it when they are congratulated for excellently performing tasks—exceeding the company’s expectations. At work, employees, teams, and superiors are at liberty to send a message of thanks to each other. Here are ways to give thanks to people holding different offices at work.

How to Give Thanks at Work?
Team Members
Team members work hand-in-hand to complete different roles and projects efficaciously. They’re tied together by the drive to achieve the company’s goals. Achieving great feats as a team is not easy and must be appreciated. As a team leader, there are creative ways to recognize and appreciate the feats of your team. The most fun but creative way to appreciate team members is using a corporate gamification system. The gamification system works, so that team members earn redeemable points for completing certain tasks. The points can be redeemed for a vacation, company-paid training session, work-from-home days, free shopping, etc.

Set a day every week for team members to give each other props. Create a work atmosphere where every team member feels valued and respected. Let team members recognize and share props to celebrate each other’s contributions and feats throughout the week. During the props giving sessions, chip in and feed your team members. Order customized pizzas and other foods to make the ceremony worth it. Recognize the most resourceful team members on your company’s social media pages. It makes teammates seen as heroes and gives them the morale to perform better. Ask the birth dates of each team member and host a birthday celebration. Give gifts customized gifts during the celebrations.
Your Superiors
Your boss may not always be there to help you unlock your potential. However, they deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated if they chip in when you request their support, encourage you when you achieve great feats, and motivate you to perform better. Bosses are rarely appreciated for their triumphs. Therefore, sending that creative and emotional congratulation message to a boss you hold dear is motivating. Look after the boss and whenever you see them emotionally drained, offer the solution they need. Hold a surprise birthday party to celebrate the boss’s birthday and feats.

Don’t be the reason your boss never enjoys peace and harmony at work. Instead of speaking ill of the boss behind his back, speak nicely of them. After every discussion with your peers, you can mention the boss's weaknesses as an NB. If you’re an excellent cook and know the specific food your boss loves, surprise them with well-cooked food during lunchtime. If you can’t cook, you can take him out to his favorite food joint for lunch. Organize your juniors to a small office celebration to thank your boss and acknowledge his efforts in the company’s growth.
Subordinates or Employees
Employees and subordinates perform excellently in a work atmosphere that supports their growth and acknowledges their feats. A thank you note or message at the end of every day creates self-motivated and energetic employees with the zeal to grow your company. Frequent verbal thank-yours, affirmations, and pats on the back encourage employees to do more. However, if you can afford to frequently give them small gifts such as crystal vases, pens, paperweights, and other appreciation items can go a long way to encourage growth and higher employee performance.

A subordinate and employee week is another incredible way to recognize and thank your hardworking employees. The employee week comes with fun and interesting events that workers can engage in, including mini-massages, trivia contests, ice cream sundaes, etc. Publicly acknowledging the efforts and feats of your employees and subordinates is another great way to show concern and appreciate good works.

You can share creatively crafted emails and notes to encourage best-performing employees if you're the creative type. In addition, you can share well-paid job positions you think your hardworking employees and subordinates can fit in well. Set an employee appreciation day to recognize and appreciate workers for completing tasks with stressful deadlines.
Partnering Teams
The teams your company has partnered with that have contributed to its growth should be appreciated often. Talk with partners to appreciate the effort and resources they have channeled into your business to help your company operate efficiently, leading you to achieve your desired goals. Appreciate the partner’s decision-making skills and bring deals that enable your company to grow. Tell them how appreciative you’re of working together to establish and implement more profitable projects. Recognize the partners for coming to your aid when your business was down some months back.

Set a referral program to enable partners to earn a commission whenever they recommend your business. That allows your partners to have the morale to keep working with you and pushing your company to grow. In addition, listen to the criticism and appreciation from your partners and make sure to take prompt action. If they criticize a product or service you are offering, take the initiative to improve the quality and make other necessary changes. Make your communication with your partners simple, and never ignore their calls. Likewise, celebrate the business anniversaries you have shared with your partners.
Clients and Customers
Marketing campaigns and strategies target the customer, and your business is entirely centered on the customer. However, most companies do not appreciate their customers and clients for the value they add to their businesses. Business owners don’t have to wait until they have accumulated enough money to budget for customer appreciation programs. One exceptional way to thank your customers and clients is by sending handwritten notes. In this era of social media and texting, people rarely write thank-you notes. Thank-you notes have a high emotional impact and could make your customers and clients bring you more business.

Organize charities and offer donations that directly affect the clients and customers. Gifting customers after buying your services and products is also a great way to show appreciation. Record customer phone calls and appreciate the ever-cool and attentive customers. Keep a record of customers that frequent your store or use your services and appreciate them for their loyalty. Implement a reward system to appreciate customers that bring their friends to buy from you. Set up a system to appreciate and support your customers and clients’ businesses and interests.
Mentors and Sponsors
Mentors and sponsors have offered your organization the financial and exemplary mentorship you so much need. Sponsors are exemplary advocates who create workers' opportunities, equipping employees skillfully and knowledge-wise to handle their career growth opportunities. Sponsors also prime workers for promotion within their workspaces. Create a creative and encouraging thank-note to your sponsor and mentor, telling them how they have assisted you in achieving significant milestones in life. Hand notes are the most promising ways to show appreciation to a mentor or sponsor.

Give the mentor limelight of your life and how much you have achieved over the years. Share appreciation messages on social media platforms to express how grateful you’re for the support they have given you over the years.
Everyone Else
Everyone in your company has contributed relentlessly to the success of the company. Recognizing them for their efforts will instill a strong sense of commitment and improve workplace morale. Send a thank-you message to those working at your premises to acknowledge their hard work. It can enhance their self-confidence and productivity, boosting overall company growth. You can also appreciate the workers by writing them post-its or personal notes. When writing a thank-you note for people in the workplace, you have to be concise and personal. Another notable way to appreciate everyone at the workplace is by writing team or personal emails. Send an individualized custom email to everyone in the workplace or create team emails. Handwritten letters are another incredible way to share messages of appreciation with your employees. Handwritten letters are the most sincere and exciting ways to express appreciativeness. Recognition letters are often longer and more ornate than personal note letters. In appreciating a hardworking employee, you can allow them to leave the workplace early. You can also send small gifts tailored for each worker as per their performance. Sharing family-tailored gifts with your loved ones can also motivate and make workers more encouraged to perform better.
Parting Thoughts
These are the most exciting ways to appreciate everyone within your premise to encourage growth and make your company to grow bigger and more profitable. Do not implement every thank-you approach recommended above blindly as not everyone needs to be appreciated in a particular way. Get closer to your employees or boss to know what they like and events that might interest them. Appreciating a boss or worker in a way that suits them most is the most impressive way to increase morale and improve performance. If it’s a lunch date you’re planning, understand the joints and the food your worker or boss loves. If it’s a gift, make sure you familiarize with the gifts your recipient loves most.

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