5 Best Servant Leadership Books (That You should Read This Year)

By O. Christopher | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: Approx. 5 minutes

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As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. — Bill Gates.
5 Best Servant Leadership Books (That You should Read This Year)
1. The Power of Servant Leadership
By Robert K. Greenleaf
Based on the work of former telecommunications executive, Robert K. Greenleaf, SERVANT LEADERSHIP highlights the method of leadership that puts serving others first. This service includes serving your team members, customers and clients, and community.
THE POWER OF SERVANT LEADERSHIP consists of a collection of Greenleaf's most compelling essays on Servant Leadership. These essays explain Greenleaf's insights, practice and refinement of the Servant Leadership concept. Additionally, the essays touch on related issues of team culture, commitment to vision, and wholeness.

2. The Power of Positive Leadership
By Jon Gordon
Leaders face many obstacles. That is why they must adopt positive leadership. It's not about faking positivity or being complacent and agreeable; it's about building a positive culture, pushing through adversities, developing united and committed teams, and maximizing results.
In The Power of Positive Leadership, author Jon Gordon reflects on personal experiences working and consulting with great leaders who have transformed organizations. He then puts his research into a practical framework that can help anyone become a positive leader.

3. Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success
By Adam Grant
When we focus on the individual drivers of success, such as passion, hard work, and talent, we don't ready ourselves for the dramatically reconfigured world where success is dependent on our interactions with others. In Give and Take, Adam Grant examines and explains why some people succeed while others don't. Furthermore, Give and Take opens up the unique approach to relationships, team environment, and productivity that is both insightful and revolutionary.

4. Scrum Mastery: From Good To Great Servant-Leadership
By Geoff Watts
At face value, the average Scrum Master facilitates the Scrum process and removes impediments. A great ScrumMaster, however, is one who personifies Servant Leadership and leads the team to the highest productivity level. In this book, author Geoff Watts shares real-life stories from over ten years of coaching Scrum teams, and draws practical principals to follow that will guide anyone to achieve their own greatness. The main takeaways from this book are:
  • What skills and characteristics do great Scrum Masters have?
  • How do effective teams maintain and enhance engagements during meetings and daily scrums?
  • Ways to foster more autonomous and creative teams?
  • How to increase the performance of your teams?
  • How to identify a successful Scrum Master?

  • 5. Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader: A Guide to Cultivating Effective Leadership and Organizations
    By Christopher D. Connors
    The successful leader has the ability to understand, motivate and inspire her teams. Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader helps us strengthen our emotional intelligence and regulate interpersonal relationships by providing well-researched and user-friendly guides. The book tackles tough issues and offers sound advice, and guides you to become a more intelligent and empathetic leader.

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