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Keep them engaged and appreciated during the holidays. When you appreciate the people you work with, even when you are apart, you develop comradories, lift spirits and motivate great work. Most importantly, you make them feel special.
Here are 25 best gifts for office staff to consider in 2020, categorized by personalities.
For the Office Manager type who keeps everything together, even remotely:
This person keeps the entire team's calendar neatly sorted, contacts updated, and zoom info ready at hand. She's organized, clear headed, and never has an off-day. She is so irreplaceable that you can't even fathom a day without her. Appreciate her with things that match her cool and collected personality.

The All-in-One Michael Kors Tote
$171.00 | She already organizes the (remote) office to a tee. With this fabulous tote, she can organize her personal things anywhere she goes.

Lavish Bamboo Bathroom Organizer
$33 | Now her personal space at home can be organized too.

Kate Spade New York 2021 Annual Planner Weekly & Monthly
$32.95 | Something stylish and colorful to keep all her plans in place.
The Coach Mini Keychain
$44.50 | Even put-together women lose their keys at times. With this stylish mini keychain, she will more likely find her keys easier.

3-Tier Stacking Leather Letter Trays Office Desk Supply Organizer
$39.99 | This functional leather tray tidies her desk in a classy way.

For the go-getter:
She's motivated, productivity-oriented and take-charge. From the moment you met her, you saw her leading the team and going far in her career. She dreams big, takes massive action, and isn't slowing down.

This fierce go-getter needs something to keep her fire going strong.

Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness 25th Anniversary Edition
$21.04 | Inspired everyday with a classic leadership read.

Luxury Bath and Body Gift Basket
$39.99 | She works harder than you do. (Logs) in early and out late, everyday. Encourage her to relax a little during the holidays with this luxurious bath set.

Inspirational Wall Art
$25.55 | Inspire her with a wall art that keeps her big dreams alive.

LogiTech Headset
$39.99 | A powerful headset helps this high performer perform even better.

Agirlgle Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces
$26 | Perhaps a sharp mind like hers would enjoy a challenge?

For the social butterfly:
She is warm, open and always positive. While everyone fixates on the problem, she sees the brighter solution. She's always there when you need someone to talk to, happy to host virtual happy hours, and lifts everyone's spirit when they are down. She's the glue that holds everyone together, and you know that the office will not be the same without her.
Wine Gift Baskets for Women
$29.99 | The stay at home life isn't exactly her cup of tea. So entertain her at home with something she enjoys.

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp Jewhiteny Nail Dryer
$25.99 | A nail party inside this year? She's game.

Unisex Ugly Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt
$22.98 | There's always room in the closet for an ugly sweater. Next year, she can actually wear it to a real party.

Singing Machine SML625BTBK Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System
$49.97 | Somehow you know she'll put this kareoke machine to good use.

Vintage Wall Bottle Opener
$13.99 | This will be a handy addition to her kitchen.
For the caring type:
She is a veteran in both the office and the business, and is always there to coach and mentor the up-and-comers. Before COVID, she always brought homemade desserts during the holidays, and never failed to handwrite everyone a card. She adds comfort, security and warmth to the team, and everyone appreciates and respects her.

The Comfy Wearable Blanket
$39.99 | This woman would love to wrap herself in warmth with this soft blanket.

Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper
$25.00 | These slippers scream comfort. She will love them.

Starbucks Peppermint and Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa and Travel Mug Set
$29.98 | The perfect preesnt for a sweet and gentle soul like her.

$24.95 | She will enjoy both the cookies and the messages.

Thank You Candle Gift
$28 | Say "thank you" to her in the an unique way.

Just in case you need more ideas:
Gift cards always make excellent choices.

Bring even more holiday cheer with this pop up card

Apple iCard

For the Cheesecase Lover

For the Pet Lover

Or Give the Everything Card

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