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Happy November! We have officially entered the thick of fall. While the season doesn't require puffy jackets and thick coats yet, we do want to cozy up our wardrobe with fall-to-winter transitional pieces, even in the office. Today's workwear look book consists of warm and cozy ideas that are both on-trend and fashionably comfortable.

1. Colorful Sweaters
Colorful patterns and Busy prints make up the theme of fall 2021 fashion. The slightly oversized sweater below has both the bright colors and the all-over prints that are trending. The look book pairs the sweater with a lengthy skirt, roomy jacket and bodacious boots, so that you enter the room with attention-grabbing confidence.

2. Knitted Sweater Dress
Its long and slender silhouette gives you a slimming effect. Plus, the ribbed pattern adds elegance, simplicity and class. When you wear this classic piece with updated footwear, you turn it into a master piece.

3. Cable Knit Top
This season, cable knits are everywhere, especially ones that are soft, cozy and slightly bulky. The cropped version, like the one below, is especially popular. For the office, we recommend that you wear it on top of along shirt and add bright outerwear for a splash of color.
4. Wide-Legged Wool Pants
Wide-legged pants, especially those that are made with wool, are appropriate for the fall-to-winter season. Even though they require planning to pull off, if you do it well, you will find them fun and easy to wear. The workwear below pairs the wide-legged pants with a slimmer top, so that the opposing shapes balance each other well. The sexy heeled ankle boots are perfect for cropped pants like these.

5. Shirtdresses over Pants
Shirtdresses do not have to stay in the summer wardrobe. They last well into fall and winter, if you wear them over appropriate pants. The shirtdress below has pleasant prints and neutral colors that work for all seasons. For the colder months, if you wear them over pants and add a suitable trench, the shirt dress just turned into one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.

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