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While the way that we work has drastically changed during COVID, the underlying framework that enables us to enhance productivity remains the same. Each day, we still have a certain amount of working hours; making the most out of that time is essential to being successful. Our morning routine, the first set of rituals that establish the tone for the day, is also the most important sub-routine of the daily routine. If you are wondering what a productivity-driven morning routine looks like, then scroll down.

How to Have a Successful Morning Routine?
1. Make your bed.
Small habits make big change. If productivity is your priority for any given work day, then knock out one small task in the beginning. However trivial of a task making your bed seems, it is one job that you can accomplish before even starting work. This will set the tone for the rest of the day ahead.
2. Clear your mind.
Before filling your thoughts with the things that you have to do, clear your head first. Meditate, take a nature walk, go for a jog or hop in the shower. Whatever thoughts that remained from yesterday, remove them. Each day is a new day and an opportunity to start fresh.
3. Clear your work space.
Distractions kill productivity. If you haven't done so the night before, remove all distractions, wipe everything down, and straighten up messy paperwork. A neat and organized space enhances focusn and creativity.
4. At the very least, take a walk.
For a lot of people, morning exercises amplify energy and optimism. If you can't fit in a full-on workout routine, then at the minimum, take a walk. Getting up and moving around is good for health no matter when you do it during the day, but especially early in the morning.
5. Set a strict boundary between must-do's and nice-to-have's.
If you are faced with multiple tasks each day, prioritizing them before starting the work day is crucial to success. Drawing a clear line between the most important work and busywork ensures that you progress in the right direction.
6. Turn off your phone.
Your smart phone is a huge source of distraction. All the apps of social media, games and messaging systems, plus easy access to the internet, can pull you away from important work. Before starting your daily tasks, turn off your phone. If you can, have two phones. One for personal use and entertainment, and the other one for business and emergencies.
7. Write the 3-bullet journal.
Unlike the gratitude journal, the 3-bullet journal goes a bit deeper. It consists of the following bullets:
  • What I can let go of.
  • What I am grateful for.
  • What I will accomplish today.
  • It is a simple but effective way to rid of yesterday's burdens and start in fresh and hopeful light.
    Parting Thoughts
    Even if your entire day is within the constraint of someone else's time, the morning are yours. Those few hours before you have to answer emails, facilitate conversations and put out fires are best spent on yourself. Having a successful morning routine will give you a sense of accomplishment early in the day. Even if you have a lousy day, at least you have had a successful morning.

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