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How to Dress for Success: Classy Timeless Celeb Styles That We Love
As you prep for a spring wardrobe, searching the web for the best skirts and blouses, take time to realize to you've got plenty to work with in your closet. This season’s trendiest pieces? You may already own them. THINK: the classic Chanel suit that never goes out of style, and layered-on pearls that look good with anything. The celebs are going classic. Why shouldn't you?

How to Dress for Success: 10 Classy Timeless Celeb Styles That We Love

1. The Classic Chanel Suit
In 1925, Coco Chanel launched her famous suit. Its simple wool set, boxy shape and braid trim started a fashion revolutionary for the working women. It rendered the corset obsolete -- THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT! -- and polished up both our day and evening wears. During Chanel's lifetime, the suit became one of the fashion world's most famous silhouettes. Since then, various versions of the original Chanel suit has been created to cast a modern view. Whatever variation the suit has morphed into, its genius design never went out of style.
2. The long jacket
Let's extend jacket season into spring by dawning long jackets with bright colors and floral prints. It's a fresh time of the year to try new things; and a handsome, below-the-hips jacket is just the thing to try.
3. The high contrast pant suit
Many call it the "power suit." We cannot agree more. The pant suit nearly screams "I'm in charge;" and, a pant suit with eye-popping contrast certainly gets the attention, AND RESPECT, a classy woman deserves.

4. The tailored jacket
Taking the empowering suit to another level is the tailored suit that both exudes masculinity and shows feminine lines. The artfully cinched jacket and skinny pants offer sleekness that gets any fast-moving gal noticed in the office.
5. White Hot
Say "hello" to spring in a white-hot work outfit. Nothing vocalizes "cool and confident" better than head-to-toe white.
6. The classy pencil
Fashion icon, Olivia Palermo, wore the perfect pencil in the image below. Paired with an oversized top, the body-hugging skirt, with its sexy side slit, projected a healthy dose of femininity without going overboard. If you feel that the outfit resides on the casual side, perhaps you can attempt the look on casual Fridays?
7. The ladylike A Line
Welcome skirt season with a classic A Line. Not only is it ladylike and work-appropriate, it's also functional and essential. There are so many ways to wear A Lines, and we recommend pairing it with a fitted blouse like the picture below.
8. Bright and bold
Confidence never goes out of style. A bold color, like Taylor Swift's coat below, screams power and confidence. We have a feeling you already know that.

9. Killer heels and oversized purse
Spring 2020 runways were dominated by accessories. These take-no-prisoner, functional items last seasons to come. We are talking sexy leopard-print heels and powerful oversized bags, and how they add a punch to any outfit.

10. In her signature pearls
No matter how many seasons has passed since we lost Jacqueline Kennedy, her image of the quintessential American royalty has never left us. Women looked up to her; people loved her; and the fashion world trailed behind her. And especially in her signature pearls, Jackie Kennedy was and will be the epitome of class.

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