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Who doesn't want more money and achieve financial freedom? You might be financially-stable now, have a secure job and the means to make necessary purchases. But still, you are restristricted by the limit of your bank account. If you were to, all of a sudden, lose your job, discover a hefty medical expense, or run into a huge debt, will you be able to support yourself for long? Money has often been referred to as "the root of all evil," and many of us have been taught to not focus on money, but those are limiting beliefs. Money is a type of energy, that's all. Like other types of energy, money will flow to you if you allow it to. If you are ready to receive more money, scroll down and discover ways to manifest it. No matter how much, or little, your bank account has now, you will always be open to having more.

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How to manifest more money?
1. Understand the money mindset.
If you have been taught that money is a limited resource, you have been taught wrong. Your parents, friends, coworkers, bosses and whoever you spend time with might often make comments like "I can't afford this" or "it's too expensive." Don't let them influence your thoughts!
Money is all around you; and it is waiting for you to discover just how easy it is to access. Believing that there is an abundance of money out there is the money mindset. The sooner you understand and accept it, the sooner you will be ready to handle more money.
2. Remove limiting beliefs.
Wealth is not greed. Being rich does not make you a bad person. Society may have given money a bad rap, but you don't have to think like everyone else. Whatever limiting thoughts and restrictions that you have about money, remove them. This includes depracating self-talks like "I can't afford the designer bag" or "I'll never make that much income."
Truth is: you can afford the designer bag. In fact, you deserve it. You can also make that much income. All you have to do is ask for it.
What keeps you from making more money is, well, yourself. If you doubt your own ability, then you will never get anywhere. But when you remove those defeating thoughts, you will discover multitudes of possibilities.
3. Start small.
Believing that you are entitled to a few million dollars might sound far-fetched at first. (By the way, you are worth more.) To get comfortable asking for an amount that you are not familiar with yet, start small. How about asking for rebates or discounts from stores, selling used clothing or electronics on eBay, or investing in your favorite futures? Then, expect that you will get what you want.
If you need a more actionable technique, just look in the mirror and say with unwavering confidence, "of course it's mine" or "I deserve it." You'll be surprised at how quickly money will flow your way.
4. Let it go.
Again, money is a type of energy. It flows freely and can't be controlled. As soon as you put a request out to the universe, for example, purchasing futures in the point above, walk away. As much as you want to watch the market all day, staring at charts and candle sticks will not move the direction up or down. You have already done good research, executed a solid strategy, and set a reasonable risk-to-reward ratio, you can leave the rest to the universe.
5. Visualize money.
Need an easier way to let go? Visualization helps. Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Visualize yourself holding the cash or purchasing something with it, and feel the satisfaction and gratitude.
Another way to visualize is to scroll through images that imply wealth. For example, luxury lifestyle items like private jets and yachts or whatever identifies with you the most. If you are more of a "touch" type of person, then a 3D symbol of wealth, like a golden buddah or money tree, helps.
Do it your own way, be creative, and feel the posibility. You are closer to getting there than you think.
6. Declutter.
Yes, you read it correctly. Declutter, as in sort out any mess. Straighten up belongings, wipe down furnitures, get rid of unused things, and remove the toxic people in your life. This includes straightening up your finances too. So take time to develop a system that enables better budgeting, forecasting, and paying bills. Understand where and how your money is coming and going, so you are well-equiped to handle more of it.
Clutter keeps positive energy from flowing to you. In order to create a fluid stream, you must remove all blockages.
7. Increase the vibration.
An increase in vibration is an increase in personal power. As long as your intention is clear, and in this case to manifest more money, you will find it easy to do. If you are manifesting for a raise at work, request for more challenging projects. If you are manifesting for more clients, amp up your marketing. If you are manifesting for a lower interest rate on mortgage, shop around more. When you focus intensely on taking action and making big waves, more money will follow.

Parting Thoughts
Manifesting for more money goes beyond having a money mindset and visualizing wealth. It is an abundance-oriented lifestyle that you choose to live, and it starts with daily practices that eventually become habits. It is how you see money, feel about money, treat money, and nurture the relationship you have with money. Like with any relationship, if you open your heart and mind and focus on the good, good things will happen. Start with positivity; that is truly how to manifest more money.

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