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Innovation and Leadership Podcast: Programs by Women
Today, the digital age has helped to change a regular radio broadcast into a more personal platform. Podcasts are the latest ways that listeners can gain knowledge and get a better understanding of the world. A podcast is a series of audio episodes that are focused around a certain topic. An overwhelming majority of podcasts are hosted by men. Since most audiences are filled with women, it seems important to uncover a few innovation and leadership podcast productions that are hosted by women and that encourage female leadership.

1. Beyond the Business Suit
KAILEI CARR has created one of the best podcasts for leadership development and female empowerment. Her "Beyond the Business Suit" unveils the secrets of successful women. Her main discussions focus on explaining hidden things that hurt women's careers and providing tips to get ahead in business.

Carr is part of the Asbury Group and is the Director of Information Technology Senior Management Forum's EMERGE Academy. Through her experiences in the business world, she truly understands the struggles of women and offers inspirational advice on career development and professional growth. Her podcast always includes a mix of advice from other successful women. It give listeners the necessary confidence to create positive images, to brand themselves well, to increase productivity, and to assume positive leadership roles.

Unlike other hosts who tend to preach instead of teach, Kailei always uses a warm tone when addressing her audience. As a woman of color, she tries her best to connect with her African American listeners. She comprehends the challenges of being a female minority and strives to spark conversations that are relevant to this situation. In one particular episode, Carr featured Minda Harts, an author who has written books about how women of color can gain security in a professional setting. After listening to Carr's podcast, any woman will walk away with advice that helps her to find her true self, maximize her opportunities, and to experience the job successes that she craves.

2. Boss Files
"BOSS FILES" is a podcast that is hosted by Poppy Harlow. Harlow is a noted anchor for CNN and has ventured into this communication platform so that she can touch an audience on a more personal level. In each episode, she has a conversation with notable figures in business. Although her messages are meant to empower women, she does conduct some interviews with successful males.

The major difference between her podcast and others is her underlying theme, which explains that no successful person in the business environment is "self-made." She emphasizes that it is essential to surround yourself with a trusted team who provides assistance along the climb up the ladder.

I enjoy the tone of Poppy's questions. She asks about things that are relevant to business and acknowledges a guest's personal achievements, but her questions also deal with the struggles of the individual. This alleviates the false ideas that getting to the top is easy. To catch some deep conversations with impressive leaders, listen to "Boss Files."

3. Girlboss Radio
"GIRLBOSS" was created by Sophia Amoruso and Neha Gandhi. It is a podcast that consists of conversations between successful women. Sophia Amoruso is a prosperous entrepreneur who launched her "Nasty Girl" brand at the age of 22. Within six years, she built an empire and earned $100 million.

Neha Gandhi has over 15 years of experience as a media executive in the fashion and lifestyle industries. If you are a female who is looking for tips to grow a business or to expand a successful career, this is the broadcast for you. Unlike other podcasts that provide advice and inspiration from powerful women, a listener enjoys some laughs about the lighter side of life.

In everyday language, there are discussions that reveal the vulnerabilities that many women face. Also, there is a light side to most interactions that help make fun of life's absurdities that plague everyone. Recently, Sophia has taken a leave of absence from her hosting duties, but the podcast is still filled with a number of inspiring guests and beneficial discussions. Listeners crave her infectious personality and hope that she returns soon.

4. Ellevate
THE "ELLEVATE" PODCAST is a community that has been created for professional females. It offers intelligent conversations with women who are changing the conventional face of business. On each episode, listeners are privy to inside advice from female leaders who share their job experiences. Ellevate's CEO, Kristy Wallace, hosts the broadcast and brings an ambitious spin on equality in the workplace. She is committed to introducing regular women who have battled the odds and have reached their dreams. In this way, she provides females with essential tips to conquer the next steps in their careers.

Kristy has a unique knack for mixing storytelling with the infusion of information. The thing that stands out about this podcast is the diverse group of women who are featured. For example, she has discussed equal pay topics with Caroline Feeney from Prudential and has discussed reaching new heights with Meanie Curtis, a successful life coach.

Although Kristy and her guests inspire others to become well-rounded leaders, it would be nice to hear more about Wallace's personal endeavors. She is an angel investor with Pipeline Angels, so it would be interesting to learn about the new companies and entrepreneurs that she is assisting. Even on a hectic morning, the 30 minutes of this broadcast is worth a listen.

5. HBR Ideacast
THE "HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW" is known for uncovering new business ideas and providing advice from a global perspective. "HBR Ideacast" is an innovation and leadership podcast that is co-hosted by Alison Beard, a editor of this publication. She focuses her broadcasts on contemporary issues in the workplace. For instance, she has tackled the issues surrounding the sources of stress that plague many working mothers.

I like the fact that Beard is not afraid to challenge common beliefs. In one episode, she disputed the notion that employer feedback always improves performance. If you are a woman who is looking for thought-provoking discussion, this podcast is sure to get your mind flowing. To make her podcast even more interesting, she should consider wider panel discussions, especially when taking a stance on an idea that goes against the norm. It would make for lively conversations and heated debates.


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