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Let's humble down, shall we?
Some of us who grind in the real world may be unwilling to take the lessons from High School Graduation Speeches by Students seriously. What can these kids possibly teach us? After all, they have little experience to offer great lessons with.

If we think deeper though: these speeches aren't just for bright-eyed kids, but for weathered adults too. They remind us that, when life gets tough, we can still push through. Whether we are struggling at our jobs, getting weary at school, or experiencing difficulties balancing career and family, their simple advice and brave actions give us a shot of inspiration.

They remind us that: when we were young and had little experience, the choices that we made later on that led to the lives that we have now, are exactly what we wanted way back when.

5 High School Graduation Speeches by Students (That Inspired the World)
1. Valedictorian revealed undocumented status.
In order to deliver her message to a broader audience, this young lady revealed her undocumented immigrant status during her graduation speech. While her message was clear, her audacity was clearer. Whatever repercussions she faced afterward, we applaud her for standing up and speaking out for what she believes is right.

2. The High School story told with a rubik's cube.
A tall tale told by wise words, musical companion, and the rubik's cube. This young man turned a simple speech into a production.
3. Funny is smart. Class President, Ryan Burton, proved it.
Despite the seriousness of a graduation ceremony, this cool, collected young man used humor to inspire his audience.

4. Dear Freshman Year Rebecca.
From mental health issues to dating problems, high school is more than what it seems. It is more than a few years of adolescence filled with snapping selfies, competing for state championships, and surviving bad dates. It's the sum of all the experiences that we will carry through life. It consists of the friendships that we make, the memories that we take, and most importantly, the words that will fill the letter to our Freshman Year self.
5. When one door closes, another door opens.
When Evan Young was barred from giving a speech as the 2015 class valedictorian of the Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School in Longmont, Colorado. because he was gay, the Out Boulder, an LGBT rights organization, provided him a similar platform during their fundraiser two weeks later. The alternative opportunity provided the young graduate an even greater audience, including politicians and business leaders, who all congratulated him on his bravery.

After watching his speech, we thought to ourselves: if only we could be as brave and mature as Mr. Evan Young.

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