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You are the CEO of your life; and a good CEO has a firm grasp on her finances. Planning for your financial future should be on the top of your priority list. The sooner you take care of what you own now, the more wealth you will have later on. Of course, if you are not used to financial planning, it could feel overwhelming. No need to fret. There are ample resources online that can get you going, starting with the YouTube channels below. Just scroll down.

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Best YouTube Channels About Personal Finance
1. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
If you spend more than you make each month, you will be in debt. The logic sounds simple but some people still get in trouble. With the easy-to-do 50/30/20 rule, investor and entrepreneur, Marko, at WhiteBoard Finance, helps you budget better so you live below your means and save up for more important things.
2. Nate O'Brien
In addition to knowing what you should do, it helps to know what you shouldn't do as well. In the video below, Millennial YouTuber explains why some financial decisions are bad for you and how to correct those decisions.
3. CNBC Make It
If you want to generate wealth, it helps to learn how others did it. In CNBC's revolutionary series, Make It: Millennial Money, young entrepreneurs share their stories, lessons learned and earnings on how they "made it," so you can too.
4. Charlie Chang
Meet Charlie, an online entrepreneur and real estate broker and investor who boasts making over $1,700 per night. A few years ago, however, he was a broke college grad who got turned down by over 20 medical schools. With zero options left, Charlie finally let go of his dream of becoming a doctor and became a real estate broker and digital marketer. Now, he is a millionaire with multiple income streams; and if you are interested in what those income streams are, then check out the video below.
5. Graham Stephan
A higher credit scores enables you to qualify for larger loans, lower interest rates on thosse loans, higher amount borrowed and various other benefits. In the video below, Graham Stephen teaches us how to get a higher credit score so you can build your credit from the ground up.

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