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Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business. - Rachel Hollis
Girl Wash Your Face Review
Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be | By Rachel Hollis
About the Book
If you have ever doubted yourself, at work, as a mom, about your looks, or about anything, STOP 🛑! Stop and read Rachel Hollis's Girl Wash Your Face
. With an honest view and a funny tune on her own life, Hollis exposes the lies and misapprehensions that often hold women back from achieving true happiness. From losing her teenage brother to suicide, to moving to L.A by herself after high school, to getting rejected by publishing firms, to peeing in her pants on the Trampoline, Hollis gets real about real-life issues that would haunt other women, and offers practical strategies on how to move past them.

Ultimately, Hollis helps us realize that we can all be amazing and confident, and achieve happiness, if we shed our "perfection personas", and forgive ourselves for making mistakes and being real human beings.

What we loved?
When the book first came out, we were skeptical. Really? A lifestyle blogger who publishes a book titled, um...WHAT? We are happy, though, to have given it a chance.

The book's brilliance, aside of its catchy title of course, comes from Hollis's authenticity. She writes in the voice of our best friend or big sister, with a life coach or mentor mentality. She is genuine and friendly, and masters the art of giving advice without being overbearing.

Let's be honest: there just aren't enough women in leadership roles to encourage us to "shoot for the moon!" So, we don't. And on top of that, we (as women) are often brought up with the idea that "perfection is the minimum requirement." So, we beat ourselves up for making mistakes. Later in life, we grow comfortable taking supportive roles, like the housewife, the caregiver, or the assistant, but never the breadwinner, the team leader, or the star 💫 "closer" in negotiations.

We often hear the words "break the glass ceiling." But we don't know how. Now, we do, by Rachel Hollis firmly telling us, straight up, to let it all go, and "shoot for the moon stars." Because, if we miss, we will still land on the moon.

We love how Hollis uses her personal triumphs and failures to teach us valuable life lessons. We also love how she is does it unapologetically. Lastly, we love how, even though her success is unparalleled, she has remained down to earth.

What we thought the book could improve on?
We get it: the book is more of a personal memoir. It's like a spinoff from her blog, but deeper. However, a bit more scientific research would have boosted her credibility. For example, the relationship advice she gives could have been supported with expert advice, had she done the research.

Parting thoughts.
Over all, we enjoyed the book very much. It was an easy read, both in print or by audio. It's uplifting, energetic and fun. Most of all, it left us feeling joyful, motivated and inspired. It paints a realistic picture of Hollis's perfectly imperfect life as a show biz wife, mom of four, and entrepreneur.

We absolutely recommend it!


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