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Wearing white in the office looks sharp but can also be quite challenging. The color itself is hard to pull off; and if you wear white in the wrong style, it can also make you look frumpy or old-fashioned. To navigate the tricky rules of wearing white in the office, we found 20 chic and business-appropriate ideas to try. They are elegant, on-trend and will give you a crispy style that screams "fresh and successful."

1. The White Hot Pencil

2. The Almost Formal Pant Suit

3. Fitted and Pleated

4. The Open Front Blazer

5. Pretty in Peplum

6. Beautiful in Belle Sleeves

7. The Slimming White Bootcut

8. The Feminine A Line Skirt

9. Dress Up with Lace

10. Total White Wrap Dress

11. Business Casual with Lightweight Cardigan

12. Look Sharp in a Two-Piece Suit

13. Simple Elegant Drape Top

14. Fun Fluff Sleeve Top

15. Comfy Long Tunic

16. The White Shift Dress

17. Look Cool in Zippers

18. Chiffon Blouse

19. Donna Morgan Women's Boatneck Crepe Sheath Dress

20. The Pull On Skinnies

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