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Cozy Office Ideas (Best Work from Home Setup Ideas)
If you are among the remote workforce that COVID-19 has created, you may feel drained from working from home all day. We get it! It's hard to be productive when your office is also your home. The cure? Cozy office ideas with creative decor go a long way. When your home office looks cozy, stylish and organized, you feel energized, focused and inspired to do good work.
Imagine: ample natural light, uncluttered desks, sleek furniture, soothing colors, and comfortable seating. Whether your work in an enclosed room, an open space, or just a small corner, you'll be inspired by the incredible cozy office ideas and work from home setups below.
1. Let there be light.
Proper lighting improves work quality, productivity, creativity and safety. For your home office, your best bet is natural light, so set up your desk close to windows and let the light in. Even on cloudy days, the natural light from outside provides warmth, comfort and energy.
Need to mimic natural light?
An LED desk lamp like the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp can help. It has adjustable height, various settings and soft flicker-free lighting, among other functionalities, that enhance your work space aethetically, create a lovely ambiance, and elevate mood.
2. Choose ergonomic furnitures.
Your health is important, so choosing ergonomically friendly furnitures that improve posture and eliminate body aches makes a necessary cozy office idea. Start small by replacing existing office gears with ergononic keyboard and mouse, adjustable monitor arms, and seat cushions. If anything, go for a standing desk that allows you to stand up and stretch out once in a while.
Need a recommendation?
The ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk offers just what you need, including adjustable lift system, LED memory control, and elegant and spacious surface. It's also light and sleek, and assembles easily.
3. Add plants

Touches of greenery add life, color and dimension to your office space. Beyond their beauty, having plants inside improves air quality, lowers stress, and energizes the mind. Whether you prefer the statuesque floor plants, the herb gardens on the wall, or a vase of colorful bloom, plants create a cozy, healthy and appealing office space.

4. Use bright and energizing wall colors.
Colors serve as visual stimulus, and leveragig bright wall colors in the office impacts behaviors, productivity levels, and attitudes. Bright colors often improve mood and energy level, and in turn increase productiviity.
Don't want to commit to painting an entire wall yet?
Test it out by hanging a picture that's full of vibrant colors.
5. Use a sleek floating desk.
Floating desk to the rescue for small spaces. Not only are they elegant and sleek, they are quite the space saver too. They work in just about any room, even your bedroom.
This wall-mount Desk is one to try!
6. Use open shelves
At some point we all need space to store and showcase the beautiful and unique knick knacks we've collected over the years. Open shelving is a wonderful way to do this. It's simple, easy and fresh, and offers your office a chic and sophisticated feel. Plus, you get to see all the things that you love and define who you are.
Need shelving ideas?
A clean, solid shelve unit is a good start.
7. Keep it sleek and open.
Who doesn't appreciate a modern and uber-sleek space! An open and clean space gives you room to breath and keeps your mind calm. If you are a minimalist, then this design will feel especially cozy to you. When life gets compilcated, you can keep your environment simple.
8. Go bohemien.
Relaxed, eccentric Boho Chic style can really instigate creativity. Update the style for your office by getting rid of tainted gypsy colors and adding neutrals tribal patterns, bursts of jewel tones like turquoise and coral, and liven up the space with eyecatching decor.
Not sure where to start?
Give this area rug a shot.
9. A cozy couch doesn't hurt.
We all work differently, and some of us prefer having a couch in our office. In a real work place, a couch in the office implies conversation, discussion and transparency. At home, keep up that open and conversational mindset with a similar couch. If anything, it offers you a place to lay down and relax.
Here's a plush couch to try.
10. Inspirational Murals
Using a wall mural allows you to create a space that celebrates and inspires you. A motivational saying, quote from your favorite leader, or just an inspirational image can put you in the right mood. It's also a lower investment than painting an entire room.
We love the one below!

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