In this series, we search for and reach out to the top women entrepreneurs and inspiring women leaders in their communities, for a heart to heart interview regarding their journeys to success. We feel that real stories from real women serve just as bright a guiding light as the more worldly women leaders we often feature.

Today, we have Gegi from Gegi Color Collection, who combined her passion for croching, creating and entreprenuership into one amazing Etsy Store that sells the coolest sneakers.

We were honored to speak with her, and loved her story and inspiration. Please enjoy our interview with Gegi below, and please visit her store at Gegi Color Collection on Etsy (IG: GegiColor.Collection).

1) Please tell us a bit about your own background, including education, family, religion and community.

I have an education in the beauty industry as well as Medical Administration. I mostly crochet with my mom and my brother sometimes when we hangout...i have no religion and the community that ive been in has been a city of creative arts especially the schools in Savannah Ga...there's a lot of hidden talents and challengers of the creative arts

2) Please tell us a little about your store. (What does it sell? Who are your customers? What makes your store unique?)

My store reflects my life path of creativity...taking one idea and expanding it. Crocheting is my way of creativity and expression of it in my store. I specialize in crochet sneakers and enjoy making winter clothing.

3) When did you start your store?
My store on Etsy started, literally, at the end of [last] year. I had a rush of ideas that just rained on me and i had to bring them to life.

4) What motivated you to start your own business?
What motivated me to push my crochet art was when I researched and started joining other groups of people that crochet. I found young people my age creating things I didn't even think you could create with yarn and a hook. So, I challenged myself with the basics of what I knew, staying up all night and collaborating ideas together to create a masterpiece.

5) What is the vision for your business?
My vision is to show the world how far crocheting can go. People see other people crochet and are quick to respond [with] "oh my grandmother crochet." In my mind, I respond, "I bet granny ain't creating nothing like this!"

I've always been obsessed with Project Runway, and how they create things outside of fabric. That's my main vision and goal for my crochet: crocheting with different materials."

6) What challenges do you face on starting your own business?
The challenges I face with creating my own business is being counterproductive. I tend to wear myself thin when it comes to getting as much done within a specific time.

I'm so easily inspired that I might be creating one thing go to my crochet group and see something else to make and be stuck creating two or more projects, and challenging myself to see how much I can get done within an impossible time. I've learned. (lol.) I draw a mix crowd of customers. It's pretty generalized.

7) Do you have any advice for young women who also want to start their own business?
The advice I can tell the youth is to drown yourself with people who do what you do. Don't just follow them, interact with them. The possibilities come from those who create opportunities for themselves.

Get a mentor in what you do. Everybody needs a coach.

Build a strong team, because you can only do so much on your own, especially if you are looking at succeeding far and wide. Don't let the sky be your limit. Let the universal wall be your destination.

8) Growing up, who was your biggest female role model, and why?
Growing up, my female role model has been Lauryn Hill. Her outlook on the world has been a big influence on my spiritual and mental being of self and the lessons thereof.

9) Lastly, do you have a motto you live by?
The motto that I live by is "after life ain't living, so make everything count while you are living."