Let Patience Help You Succeed (How To)

By Eroh K | Strong Female Leaders

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How to Let Patience Help You Succeed?
Your road to success will be filled with impediments and failures. Accidents will happen; deadlines will be missed; team members will leave; partnerships will dissolve; clients will set unrealistic expectations; and even on a good day, your neighborhood barista will pour the wrong drink.

When barriers stop you from progressing forward and situations require you to wait idly, you have one of two choices to make: either break down with anxiety and negativity, or keep it together with patience, confidence and faith. Of course, you already know which choice to make. When the situation gets grim, instead of losing it and giving up, you must step up and adopt a patience mindset.

Need more guidance? The three tips below will equip you with ways to be more patient.

1. Pivot, don't pout.
Life will throw at you all kinds of curve balls. Unplanned events such as a layoffs, illnesses and career plateaus will throw you off. And you will feel anxious, resentful and frustrated during such times.

Recognize and accept those feelings. Then, GET OVER IT.

Instead of letting ill feelings consume you, focus on creating new plans and goals. How about learning a new skill, starting a new project, volunteering at a charity, returning to school, or embarking on a new career path? Patience is not inactivity; it is shifting your focus to keep anxiety, anger and frustration at bay. While your plans may not always go as expected, you can continue to improve yourself and progress towards the type of person and leader you want to be.

Patience gives you personal power. Nothing can take that away, if you don't allow it.

2. Control what you can, and forget the rest.
When you feel stuck, the only things you can control are your thoughts, emotions and actions. What you can't control, let them go. Stop wasting energy on trying to make everything perfect. Use the time to plan for set backs, search for new opportunities, and being resolve.

3. Use the waiting time, don't squander it.
The waiting game, no matter how frustrating, can turn into an opportunity to reevaluate your life. Even though you feel like a failure when standing still while others move ahead, you must not lose faith. Use the waiting game to focus on and get good at something else. When the right time comes, you will know.

Parting Thoughts
Your attitude can either help you push through disappointments, or overcome you with anxiety. The choice remains yours. Remember that if you believe in yourself, nothing, not even long and unexpected delays, can get in your way.

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