25 Easy Healthy Breakfast Smoothies (for Busy Professionals)

By Freelance Contributor | Strong Female Leaders

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Need more energy in the mornings?
Give breakfast smoothies a try. They are easy, tasty and can pack with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. They can also supercharge your mornings and keep you full until lunch. They are simple to make, especially with powerful smoothie makers. Keep reading and find 25 healthy breakfast smoothie recipes that are perfect for busy professionals.
1. Cantaloupe Banana Smoothie
Refreshing cantaloup meets hearty banana in this sweet and healthy blend. Find recipe at HEALTHY CANTALOUPE AND BANANA SMOOTHIE.

2. Keto Berry Smoothie
This refreshing smoothie is high in protein and low in sugar. Made with almond milk, it's tasty with healthy benefits. It's also incredibly easy to recreate. Find recipe at KETO BERRY SMOOTHIE.

3. Pineapple and Mango Tropical Smoothie
This smoothie is filled with tropical flavors that remind us of summer. It's delicious with a healthy twist, and brightens our mornings. Find its recipe at TROPICAL MAMGO PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE.

4. Strawberry Banana Smoothie
This smoothie is simple and delicious. It's easy to make and takes little time. Find the recipe at STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE, and enjoy!

5. Lemon Blueberry Smoothie
Antioxidant rich blueberries meet vitamin-filled lemon in this zesty blend. Enjoy it at LEMON BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE.

Superfood Smoothies

6. Healthy Carrot Cake Smoothie
Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! Especially if it's healthy, filling and full of protein. Find recipe at CARROT CAKE SMOOTHIE.

7. Mango Strawberry Swirl Yogurt Smoothie
This beautifully delicious smoothie blends juicy mangos with plump strawberries. The fruits give it a surge of vitamins and the yogurt packs it with protein. We love this for breakfast. Find recipe at MANGO STRAWBERRY SWIRL YOGURT SMOOTHIE.

8. Almond Date Greek Yogurt Smoothie
This smoothie is a great combination of naturally sweet dates and nutritious almonds. We especially like its nutty hints and think it's great for breakfast. Find recipe at ALMOND DATE GREEK YOGURT SMOOTHIE.

9. Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
We love cheesecake as dessert, but never thought it could turn into a healthy smoothie. Yet! Here it is, with all the wonderful flavors and healthy nutrients too. Interested? Find recipe at HEALTHY STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE SMOOTHIE.

10. Banana Raspberry Smoothie
Banana and raspberry? Yes please! We love this simple smoothie blend, and its superfood health benefits. Find the recipe at BANANA RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE.

11. Maple Walnut Smoothie
This wholesome combo includes our favorite nuts and fruit. Find the recipe at MAPLE WALNUT SMOOTHIE.

12. Cinnamon Nut Butter Smoothie
This paleo and vegan Cinnamon Nut Butter Smoothie is quite an impressive recipe! Who knew such deliciousness can be both paleo and vegan. Find the recipe at CINNAMON NUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE.

13. Chocolate Macadamia Keto Smoothie
Gone keto? You will love this smooth, chocolate-y keto smoothie, with recipe at CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA KETO SMOOTHIE.

14. Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie with Espresso
Easy does it with this peanut butter delight. Recipe at BANANA PEANUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE.

15. Banana Nut Smoothie Bowl
If you have a little extra time, give this wonderful bowl a try. Find the recipe at BANANA NUT SMOOTHIE BOWL.

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16. Avocado Loves Banana Smoothie
Who knew that this creamy avocado and banana smoothie can taste so good. Plus, it has all the nutrition a wholesome breakfast needs. Find the recipe at AVOCADO LOVES BANANA SMOOTHIE.

17. Kale and Energy Pineapple Smoothie
If you need energy in the morning, this quick, nutritious smoothie is great to try. Find recipe at KALE PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE.

18. Pear and Spinach Smoothie
If you add sweet pear and iron rich spinach together, good things happen, especially when you are making smoothies. This recipe is simple and delicious. Find it at PEAR AND SPINACH SMOOTHIE.

Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body

19. The Best Green Smoothie
This smoothie recipe (by Beauty Bites) is amazing. It includes a wealth of vegetables and fruits, and blends them into a delightful drink. It's great for a grab-and-go breakfast because it has nutritious values, delicious taste and can boost your energy in the mornings. Find the recipe at THE BEST GREEN SMOOTHIE.

20. Apple Peach Carrot Smoothie
We love this smoothie because of its abundant betacarotene and sweet flavors. It's wholesome and filling, and boosts our immune. Find this awesome recipe at APPLE PEACH CARROT SMOOTHIE.

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21. Coffee Oatmeal Smoothie
As the most important meal of the day, breakfast needs sufficient nutrition and filling content. That's why we love oatmeal in our smoothies. This amazing COFFEE OATMEAL SMOOTHIE not only fills you up with essential nutrients, it also wakes you up. We love this combination, and hope you do too.

22. Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Protein Smoothie
If the thought of warm, gooey cinnamon rolls in the morning doesn't make your mouth water, we would be in disbelief. We love cinnamon rolls, and especially when it comes in smoothie form, and is combined with oatmeal to create a healthy breakfast. This recipe is delicious. Find it at CINNAMON ROLL OATMEAL SMOOTHIE

23. Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Smoothie
This smoothie is like a dream. It has the faint sweetness of peaches and creamy lustrous consistency. It tastes like dessert and is good for you too. Find the recipe at PEACHES AND CREAM OATMEAL SMOOTHIE

24. Banana Cocoa Oat Smoothie
A dash of chocolate makes this breakfast smoothie that much better. Find this chocolate-y breakfast smoothie at BANANA COCOA OAT SMOOTHIE

25. Cherry Berry Oatmeal Smoothie
This amazing oatmeal breakfast smoothie offers the antioxidants from cherries. Plus, it's berry-licious and fuels you up. Find this amazing idea at CHERRY BERRY OATMEAL SMOOTHIE

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