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To dress for success is both a discipline and an art.
It requires lifelong learning and trial and error, and gets harder as we age. Becasue our style conveys our personalities and how we feel inside, we must strive to dress intelligently, sharply, and age-appropriately at work. When in doubt, look for style icons like our favorite celebs for inspiration. Scroll down and find the stars who have mastered how to dress for success and look 10 years younger too.
How to Dress for Success Like a Celeb (and Look 10 Years Younger)
1. Invest in a biker jacket like Cindy Crawford.
The biker jacket is an evergreen style that sharpens just about any outfit. It's hip, sleek, and gives you a youthful lift. Balance the biker's cool and tough exterior with a soft and feminine dress, like Cindy Crawford did below, and you've got yourself an impeccable business casual combo.
2. Wear colors like Kourtney Kardashian.
Be bold with bright and let your inner sunshine glow. Nothing screams confidence more than a woman who takes chances and isn't afraid to stand out. Be it a ravishing red or an over-the-top orange, if you wear it with pride, people will look past your age and see only YOU.
3. Dawn a pair of skinny heels like Kate Middleton.
A pair of skinny heels never go out of style. They lengthen the legs, polish up any outfit, and serve as your go-to's.

4. Choose an appropriate v-neck like Jada Pinkett Smith.
Plunging necklines do not complement mature women, sensible yet still sexy v-necks do. Top your favorite v-neck with a sharp-looking jacket, and you are ready to rock n' roll in, and out, of the office.
5. Lighten up your layers like Victoria Beckam.
Bulky layers may work in a casual setting, but will look sloppy in the office. While layering is a great way to dress business casual, please ensure that you do it lightly, and match heavy material with a delicate counterpart.
6. Slightly lower the hemline like Elizabeth Hurley.
When it comes to showing skin, less is more. The just-below-the-knee length adds mystery and intrigue while still giving off a sensual vibe.
7. Find a tailored suit like Kate Blanchett.
The no.1 secret to a well-dressed woman? Fine tailoring of course. A fitted suit screams maturity and intelligence. We all need at least one tailored suit in our closets.
8. Keep it short like Diane Keaton.
An unfortunate side effect of aging is that things start to drag down. Longer hair will drag your face down more. Counter it with a bouncy bob that's full of life and energy.

9. Embrace prints like Sandra Bullock.
Prints add depth and dimension. While some women avoid wearing prints because they consider it a fashion risk, we believe that it's a smart risk worth taking.

10. Wear your confidence like Michelle Obama.
Nothing looks better on a woman than a genuine smile, open gestures, displays of compassion, being able to hold her own in a conversation, and speaking up for what she believes in. Dressing for success makes up only 20% of the whole package. The other 80% comprises of who you are on the inside.

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