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However successful you are, you didn't do it alone. You have a support system that includes a circle of friends. Sure they come in a variety of flavors. At the end of the day, you need them, look up to them, and are grateful to have them in your life. Scroll down for the five types of girl friends every strong female leader needs.

5 Types of Girl Friends Every Strong Female Leader Needs
1. The Cheerleader
She wants to see you win. Truly, she does, even when she had been rejected by her dream job, broken up with by the man of her dreams, and failed to nab the promotion she has worked hard for. When she was down, she put a brave smile on and came to celebrate your new job, engagement, promotion, and the other wins in your life. She could be your childhood friend, college roommate, sister, cousin, or even your mom. It doesn't matter who she is. Just be grateful to have her in your life.
2. The Therapist
The more leadership opportunities you take, the more pressure you will face. No matter how cool and collected you are, you still need an outlet. This friend is an excellent listener. She sits back and allows you to pour your heart out, without one ounce of judgement or bias. She asks questions that lead you to find clarity, empathy and reason. To fight the uphill battles, you need her compassion, practicality and voice of reason.
3. The Frenemy
Contrary to popular belief, the frenemy is absolutely necessary in your social circle. To keep sharp, you need the most fierce competition. The frenemy is the one-upper, the gossiper and the back stabber. She secretly laughes when you fail, jabs at you sideways to make herself look better, and will do anything to drag you down to her level.
Just when you want to get rid of her for good, work her putrid existence to your advantage: she is there to remind you that not everyone has your best interest at heart. So continue to keep your guard up, and make her the shining example of the type of person you never want to be.
4. The Way-Back-When Friend
From the moment you held hands in Kindergarden, to the sleepovers in middle school, to the group date at prom, she is the one who knows you the longest. She knew you before you wore tailored suits, led critical projects, and made important decisions. While your lives diverged after adulthood, everytime you meet up, you return to your youthful selves, and reminisce with the remember-when's. No matter how many people you have acquainted with in life and career, your friend from way-back-when will always be your first taste of friendship.
5. The Weekend Friend
She is the first to RSVP when you send out a party invite, and is always down for a good time. No matter what craziness you throw out there, she's game. This girl is fun, lighthearted and just the remedy you need after the work week. She is a lively variation of therapy, and for that you are grateful.
Parting Thoughts
Whether you are the head of the state or the head of the household, you need friends for support, challenge and laughter. Like what personal development expert, Jim Rohn, advised, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." So choose wisely and appreciate how they help you grow.

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