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Staying healthy while traveling for business can be challenging. On top of working extended hours, you also have to manage the hassels of traveling and getting accustomed to unfamiliar settings. All the stress can take a toll on your body and mind and lead to developing unhealthy habits such as consuming fast foods, too much alcohol and losing sleep. However, with careful planning, you can still find ways to stay healthy during business travel. Looking for tips? Scroll down.

At the Airport
Pack extra precaution.
The threat of COVID is still very real. Vaccinated or not, you can still fall victim to the virus. Most importantly, you don't want to be a carrier of the virus and hurt other people. Before traveling, pack extra masks, face shields, wipes and various sanitary items. Bring your own snacks, and plan out every step of your time in the airport and during boarding of the airplane. If you are aware of the danger that is out there, you will be prepared to avoid it.
Use TSA pre-checkin.
Avoiding crowded lines, especially the TS a security checks, is a very smart idea right now. Not only will you save time, you also save potential contacts with other people. Using pre-check in, which can be easily done on your phone or over the Internet, is a much more efficient and safer way to travel. Once you do it, you might even consider making this a habit.
Use the airport lounge.
Waiting around four for the next flight is also quite stressful. Plus, you risk being around many people as they walk by. For a small fee, you can have access to nice, quiet and relaxing airport lounges. There are plush couches, personal assistance, and other comfortable amenities to give you a more soothing and relaxing travel experience.
At the Hotel
Disinfect when you get in.
Even luxury hotels have mishaps when it comes to cleaning. Though most cleaning professionals are great at what they do, just in case, when you first arrive at the hotel room, disinfect common areas.
Rinse and wash hotel room glassware.
Before using glassware in hotel rooms, rinse them well. They may not have been cleaned properly. If you can, drink out of wrapped plasticware. They are much cleaner.
Bring or purchase your own snacks.
Avoid the room's minibar if you can. All the candies, chocolates and alcohol are expensive and unhealthy. If you can, stop by the grocery store and pick up healthier choices such as nuts, fruits and water.
Stay away from crowded bars and lounges.
A few drinks to relax after the workday may sound tempting, but being in crowded areas at the moment is risky. If you need to unwind, then order room service and relax at the comfort of your hotel room.
Eating Out
Study the menu beforehand.
Eating out is normal when you are traveling and especially when you travel for business. Keep healthy while eating out by taking a closer look at the menu before you go. Most restaurants display their menus online with great information for each dish. You can also find ingredients, serving sizes and nutrition information.
Skip the alcohol.
As tempting as it is to have a few drinks while eating out, you want to stay away from having clouded judgement. Be mindful while eating out and enjoy your food with slow bites. Keep away from alcohol so you don't end up eating more than you need.
Order soup or salad before the main course.
Often we are not as hungry as we feel. Ordering a soup or salad first curbs cravings and stops you from over-indulging later on. Plus, soups and salads have good nutrition.
Parting Thoughts
Traveling for business impacts your routine and lifestyle. Traveling during the coronavirus is even more challenging. However, if you apply common sense and use precautions, your travel can become easier and you can stay healthy. With the tips above, if you can't avoid travel, you can at least stay healthy.

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