Make Online Money Today: Work at Home Mommies Online Business Ideas

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Women business owners are on the rise.
For the past 20 years, the amount of women-owned businesses in the United States alone has increased by a whopping 114% (Women Entrepreneurs Statistics). Making online money today for women, and especially work at home mommies with online business ideas, is easier than ever, thanks to the increasing amount of resources that help online business thrive.

So what types of businesses are women starting? More importantly, which ones are scalable and sustainable, can get started with little initial investment, and offer flexible schedules for work at home mommies? Whether you are seeking financial stability, desiring to be your own boss, or pursuing a healthy work-life balance, you need a good idea with solid business model that speak to your interests.

Perhaps the ideas below can help you make a smart decision?

Make Online Money Today: Work at Home Mommies Online Business Ideas
1. Online Fitness Coach
Why be an online fitness coach? Being an online fitness coach allows you to help others reach personal goals and strive to be better versions of themselves. It also lets you set your own schedule. If you are energenic, enjoys fitness and health, and connect well with others, it can be a great fit for you.

How to get started?

Start with earning a certification or a degree, in order to build credibility. You will also need to invest in business necessities such as marketing materials, a business plan, office applications, social media planners, and tax software. To make online money today, you need both web and business savvy, so keep an education fund to get ahead in both areas.

What does it take to be successful? Business development takes time. You may want to start at a gym first, build your client base, and slowly transition them online. Meanwhile, increase your online presence by creating helpful content like a fitness blog, workout videos and e-books. In order to serve your clients, you have to offer value. The more content you produce, the more trust you build.

Most success stories take three to five years to manifest. Be patient, work hard, and you will prosper.

2. Tutor Online
Why tutor online?

Becoming an online tutor offers a lucrative and flexible way to make money at home by sharing your expert knowledge in-demand subjects. Topics like math, coding, STEM and foreign languages are especially popular. This career fits people who have patience, love to teach, and enjoy the entrepreneurial process.

How to get started?

Starting a tutoring business is as difficult as starting any business. In addition to knowledge and passion, you also need purpose, tenacity and good business sense.

First, choose the right technology. Popular choices include Google Handout, Zoom, and Skype, which all include necessities such as friendly interfaces, web-based platforms, collab tools like screen share and chat, presentation capabilities like white board and video sharing, multimedia quizes, and encourage engagements.

Additionally, you want to choose a cloud-based content management system to maintain, organize, and share files, and purchase hardwares like a webcam, microphone, and speakers. When technical issues occur, students will need your help, so please brush up on your technical know-hows as well.

The most important part is to design a great course. Remember that online tutoring is competitive, so try not to be cookie cutter. The best courses are broken into short dynamic sessions that include teacher-student and small group student-student interactions, deep diving and heated debates, and challenging, intellectually-arousing quizes. You may not get it right the first time, so be open to trial and error.

What it takes to be successful?

E-learning has a bright future. Career-oriented students and adults will do what's necessary to achieve the next levels. If you have passion for what you teach, enjoy helping others, and are creative with your courses, you will do well as an online tutor.

3. Vlogging
Why become a vlogger? Short for video blogging, vblogging has become one of the fasted growing careers in the past 10 years. It allows you to share what you love without spending time to write and edit content. Plus, you can use video platforms like YouTube to host your content, which require less technical savvy than blogging platforms.

How to become a vlogger?

Vlogging as a career consists of producing unique and engaging content for a niche audience. With hard work, consistency and patience, your growing following will attract brand sponsorships and qualify your channel for pay per click ad networks.

Starting out, you don't need expensive equipments, but they do help. Investing in a quality camera, lighting and sound equipments and editing software can turn good videos into great productions. More importantly, though, you want to pick a popular but not overly saturated niche that also has monetizing potential. Travel, fashion and beauty vlogs do well, because there are many products out there to promote in those niches.

What does it take to become a successful vlogger?

If you have natural charisma, lovely camera presence, are incredibly creative, and enjoy sharing your passion, you will do well as a vlogger. However, you don't need to be in front of the camera to be a successful vlogger. Many vloggers also use whiteboards, animations and power point. It really depends on what niche you choose, and how hungry you are to succeed. Most aspiring vloggers start out enthusiatically, but when the going gets tough, they fizzle out. The handful that do push through the mundane day-to-day eventually do break through.

4. Start an Online Store
Why start an online store?

Some personalities just fit selling physical products better. It feels challenging to pick the right products, undergo the purchasing the sales process, and create a marketing strategy that works. It feels thrilling to make sales too. Having an online store also offers flexibility. In fact, many full timers start their stores part time.

How to start an online store?

Contrary to popular belief, starting an online store requires picking the right marketing strategy first. Selling online is vastly different from selling in person. Without the person-to-person touch, you need to rely on being digital marketing savvy. Common marketing startegies involve SEO, paid social and platform marketing; and for each of the strategies, there are products that sell well within each strategy. If you use paid social, for example, your products must be highly visual, simple to understand, and can easily arouse impulse purchases.

After picking a suitable marketing strategy, then select an in demand niche and the right products. Later on, set your pricing, create your branding, develop and open your store, and push through an initial marketing drive.

Your first sale may not come easy. When it comes, though, it will be an amazing experience.

5. Become an Influencer
Why become an influencer? According to the latest research, brands are dedicating bigger portions of their marketing budgets to influencers, making them a more powerful marketing medium. As an influencer, you have control over your schedule, creative efforts, and branding. You also have the freedom to negociate your own prices. With this online money making, you can generate extra cash or even make it a full time business by sharing your passions.

How to become an influencer?

An influencer has the power to influence others' purchasing decisions due to their strong relationship with followers, and their knowledge and experience in their niche. To become an influencer, the single most important factor is to pick the right niche. Then, pick a flatform that works well, and continue to post engaging content to establish. trust with the audience.

It helps to set a marketing strategy in motion. The one we like is the the 5-3-2, which entails that in every ten posts in your social media, five should add value to your audience, three are information content, and two of sshould offer personal opinion.

How to be successful as an influencer?

Consistency is key. People like fresh content told as stories in variousu angles. If you continue to add good content, your following will grow.
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