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By Nan Nan Liu-Maffetone | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: Five Minutes
How to change your money mindset?
There are things in life that you cannot control, like bank rates, the economy and inflation. Your money mindset, however, is something that you can control. Money mindset refers to personal financial health, including how much you save, spend and invest. Having a healthy money mindset is the result of activities such as setting goals, planning for the future, and building wealth. If your money mindset doesn’t feel as healthy as you’d like it to be, then it’s time to take control. Like with everything else in life, you have the power to change course and put yourself on the path for success. Want to get started? Just scroll down.

1. Understand the money mindset.
Before diving in rigthaway, take time to truly understand the money mindset. Realize that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme or the misinterpretation that money trumps everything else. A money mindset is a unique attitude and narrative that guide your thoughts, beliefs and actions towards money. It creates a healthy relationship between you and money, and leads to practicing better financial habits. These financial habits include actively managing a fixed salary, creating a savings plan, living below your means, generating residual income, saving for retirement, learning about financial literacy, and investing for the long-term. It also extends beyond just balance sheets and assets, and can help you feel more confident, secure and excited about life.
If you feel unsure about how healthy your money mindset is, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you feel anxious and insecure or satisfied and motivated about your finances?
  • Do you have both short- and long-term financial goals, and a plan to achieve them?
  • Do you talk about finances with family and friends? If so, how do you compare to their financial situations?
  • The questions above are not directed to make you feel bad, but rather to assess your current relationship with money and gauge your confidence about your financial future. Your money mindset is formed from various life experiences and therefore unique to you. For example, if you grew up poor, you might have a completely different perspective on savings than people who grew up wealthy. You can also be impacted by the people in your inner circle. If your parents always stressed over money, you might be extra sensitive about talking about money.
    Knowing exactly where you stand with money provides a baseline to start with. Even if you have a poor relationship with money right now, you can at least begin to see it clearly and identify what improvements to make.
    2. Visualize your best self in the future.
    You will be successful if you give yourself the permission to get there. Often, people let go of their goals in life because they feel undeserving of success. That is not you. You are intelligent, hard-working, and deserve everything you work for. You are worthy of prosperity, and you will achieve it.
    Now, picture your future self in the best light possible. Finance-wise, where will you be in 5, 10, 20 and 30 years? How wealthy do you want to retire? What do you want to do when you retire? Travel the world? Consult? Teach? Start a business? Or spend time with grandchildren? Also, where will you live? In your current home that is all paid for by then? In an RV on a cross country drive? On an ocean-front condo with a private beach?
    However you see yourself in the future: attach a monthly budget and a savings amount to that lifestyle. Then, start saving up for it. And don't be afraid to adjust as you see fit.
    3. Become financially literate.
    Talking about money and bragging about it are two different things. You should never feel uneasy about talking about money, because if you do, then you might not feel comfortable having money. Your fear may be because of being financially illiterate. To get better, start by picking up a book like PERSNAL FINANCE QUICK START GUIDE or CLEVER GIRL FINANCE, even if it's just to familiarize yourself with the terminologies. You might also consider taking classes online, subscribing to YouTube and Podcasts focused on finance and investing, and seek professional help from a local advisor.
    The more you get used to something, the more comfortable you become speaking about and doing it. It all starts with education. The fancy jargons and academic concepts might feel intimidating at first, but don't let them scare you. Realize that you are just as sharp as the next person. Even the financial pros had to start somewhere.

    4. Ditch the scarcity mindset.
    Living with a scarcity mindset is like living in fear. You are always afraid of not having enough, and therefore focus on what you lack.
    So how do you jolt out of this negativity? One action you can take is mindful giving. Take a hard look at life and find what causes, organizations and people you want to contribute to, and commit to it. When you give generously and with intention, you turn scarcity into prosperity by showing confidence, security and fulfillment. You now have an abundance mindset that puts money in a frame of generosity, prosperity and wellness. This in turn sets you up for success.
    Money attracts money. The more habits of abundance you practice, the more you will receive.
    5. Have a growth mindset.
    Having a growth mindset means to focus on moving forward. It creates another way to get out of a scarcity mindset. It leads to taking action and building a better future instead of dwelling on the past. People with a growth mindset welcome problems and enjoy solving them. For example, instead of saying,"I don't make enough money," they ask,"how can I make more money?" Then, they take action. They would ask for a raise, look for a higher paying job, start a side hustle, or find other ways to get what they want.
    When you are busy creating new opportunities, you have little time to pay attention to what you don't have.
    Parting Thoughts
    Chances are you are not the only one who wants an improved money mindset. You are also not the only one who wants to make a change. While the money mindset influences your thoughts and attitude towards money, you have the power to control and channel it towards a more positive perspective. It's never too late to set goals, develop good habits and commit yourself to become financially successful. The process will take time, but the end result is worth it. So turn your "big girl" brain on and enjoy every step towards a wealthier and healthier life.
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    By Nan Nan Liu-Maffetone | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: Five Minutes
    Setbacks are a part of life, and they happen to everyone. Instead of focusing on the hurt and dissapointment you feel, focus on how to move past the mistakes, and come out better and stronger. In today's article, you will find practical methods for how to turn setbacks into comebacks. You will also gain a healthy dose of empowerment.

    When you follow a lifelong dream and finally make it come true, what happens when things do not turn out as planned?
    We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. When new jobs, career paths or relationships get off track, we have to face the losses. Sure, these situations can make us feel like failures at first, but when emotions reside, we begin to solve issues, set new goals, and make progress again. Strong female leaders do not succumb to difficulties. They rethink their strategies and turn setbacks into combacks instead. The methods below can help you do the same:
    1. Play it safe? That's not you.
    The loftier your goals are, the bigger the gamble you take and the more mistakes you could make. So you might as well commit to having a mindset of failing forward. Once your mind is made up, you operate with a clearer head and are able to focus on the bigger goals and the ultimate vision.
    2. Give yourself a time limit to feel bad.
    Everyone needs space to deal with disapointment and hurt. When you deny yourself the time to grieve and reflect, you deny yourself the ability to shed emotional baggage. This in turn makes moving forward harder to do.
    If you are afraid of getting stuck in an emotional rut, then put a time limit on the grieving. Commit to a day, a week, or even a year if needed. After the allowance has been exhaused, move on by taking the lessons learned and focuing on the facts (what went well, what went wrong, and so on). And make sure you leave all of the emotions behind.
    3. Focus on the next win.
    Winners move forward, one small step at a time. When you are just picking yourself back up, you might not want to take giant leaps rightaway or think too far ahead. Sure, the big picture still looms in the background. Right now, however, focus on how to get back on the saddle and get moving. Set small, achievable goals, and focus on reaching them one at a time. When you have gained enough confidence, then consider taking a bigger leap.
    4. Don't sugarcoat, just learn.
    Confidence cannot be faked. When you've failed and hurt your pride, you might really want to self-aggrandice just to feel better. However, facing the situation stoicly may be a better approach.
    To regain confidence and avoid self-soothe, one action you can take is to draw out the lessons learned from the experience and attach a value to each one. For example: if you lost a 5-figure account because you were overly ambitious, what would happen if next time, you progressed more steadily and kept the account for the long term? How much more profit will you gain? And there you go! A 5-figure loss just turned into a 5-figure education.
    Gaining concrete value from failed pursuits adds a huge boost to confidence. But if you sugarcoat it, you may not reclaim enough inner strength to move on properly.
    5. Control your self-talk.
    The self-doubt you experience from setbacks can pollute your life, if you let it. During the tender recovery period, it is crucial that you manage how you speak to the person in the mirror. Stay focused on your strengths, values, and goals. Keep your mind focused, sharp and positive. In time, all wounds heal, if you treat them conscientiously.
    Parting Thoughts
    Setbacks happen to everyone. In fact, the more successful you want to be, the more setbacks you will experience. While we all understand how resilience and adaptability help overcome setbacks, it’s still handy to have clear steps to follow. The approaches above can transform the self-doubt associated with failure into fresh hopes and dreams. So don't let setbacks hold you back. Instead, turn them into comebacks.

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    By Freelance Contributor | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: Five Minutes

    What makes the best laptop tote bag for the modern working woman? It has to be roomy enough for all of her carryons, stylish enough for both office wear and street wear, and of good make and quality to uphold her standard. In today's article, we've curated five of the best purses for laptops, in just about any price range. Scroll down to find them.

    Best Purses for Laptops
    1) TUMI Voyageur Carson Laptop Backpack for Women | $395.00
    From multi-zip entries to water-resistant pockets to a sleek exterior, the TUMI VOYAGEUR adds function, comfort and style to your workwear. Using a backpack as a laptop purse is a great idea for a woman on the go, and especially if you travel for work. With a backpack, you are completely hands free, and have the ability to pull luggage and grab coffee at the same time.
    2) McKleinUSA W Series Wheeled Ladies' Laptop Briefcase | $121.99
    Spring time begs for a pop of color. The McKleinUSA Ladies' Laptop Briefcase offers a fresh alternative to other work staples. Whether you travel for work, commute to the city, or just want a break from carrying a heavy bag, this wheeled briefcase has your back.
    3) Samsonite Modern Utility Laptop Messenger Bag | $49.99
    For a polished and put-together look, opt for a modern utility bag that easily converts from top-handle to messenger. This Samsonite Utility Bag includes both features, and also comes at a moderate price. It's clever, unstuffy and made for the cool girl.
    4) Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Vintage Laptop Purse | $149.99
    If you are into the classic, vintage style, then this Kenneth Cole Vintage Laptop Purse will suit you well. Besides its amazing cognac color and smooth leather exterior, it is also sturdy and easy to carry. Plus, the style and color play well with any outfit.
    5) Kate Spade New York Cameron Laptop Tote Purse | $349.99
    Kate Spade Laptop Purses are known for their soft and canny style and long-lasting quality. The Cameron is especially smart with its sleek design and roomy inside. It has room for your laptop and lifestyle necessities, and also gives you a polished, it-girl look.

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