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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -- Walt Disney
If so, then you are an incredibly valuable asset to your communities. From large corporations, to startups, to small businesses, to non-profits, people with entrepreneurial mindsets and skills instill innovation, education and inspiration. Though the skills needed to be an entrepreneur are soft skills, or more often known as "people skills," they enhance technical and job-specific responsibilities, and expedite the learning process. Like with any skillsets, entrepreneurial skills require time to learn, and are entirely possible to master. Before getting started, look below and find out what they are:

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1) Imagination
A quality entrepreneur is a visionary with wild imagination. Additionally, she creates a mission, plan and goals to turn that vision into reality. In fact, her vision is so strong that it manifests through the products or services that she creates. These products or services reflect such a powerful vision that they solve problems that others don't realize yet.

Think: Oprah and her talk show before ethnic women were media moguls; J.K Rowling and Harry Potty before kids were empowered to embrace their uniquenesses; and Coco Chanel and her power suit before women held powerful positions.

Albert Einstein once said, "imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Einstein was a visionary himself. Before dedicating his life to proving the formula, he "saw" the equation, "E = MC^2," when he was a young man with untamed imagination.
2) Sales
Sales is a type of communication skill that combines peruasion, influence and resilience. Sales for entrepreneurs isn't about selling a particular product or service, but about selling a mission. A quality entrepreneur convinces others to join the mission, by believing in the mission herself, delivering powerful presentations, and getting others excited and onboard. She is a thinking woman, and she sells her ideas.
3) Responsibility
Entrepreneurial-minded people take personal responsiblity for mistakes. They excel as self-starters, confidence builders, and are willing to take personal accountability for failures. As a by-product of this trait, entrepreneurs are also resilient and welcome challenges. In fact, they purposely seek obstables to test their skills and abilities. Doing this adds energy, cultivates innovation and expedites progress.
4) Connectedness
Natural entrepreneurs enjoy connecting with others. They communicate effectively, build rapport easily, and exude natural charisma. This interpersonal skill helps calm people who feel upset, and turns a contentious negotiation into a peaceful situation.
5) Drive
Quality entrepreneurs have a knack for creating grand visions, impossible missions, and ambitious goals. They are driven beyond the core, and wake up every morning excited about solving problems and conquoring obstables. For these people, each day is filled with purpose and led by a list of check boxes. Entrepreneurs are natural high achievers, and they tend to shoot for the moon.
Parting Thoughts
However soft and personality-oriented the above skills are, they can be learned. Entrepreneurially talented people are successful not because of sheer luck or brilliance; they are successful because they decided to be. And they acquired both the hard and soft skills to achieve what they want. They are incredibly valuable to their communities, because it takes a special set of skills needed to be an entrepreneur to become a visionary, innovator and leader.
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