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Do you feel trapped in a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits at work? If you are exhausted all the time and don't know how to get out of this situation, adopting a few healthy habits helps. Scroll down and see the examples.

Healthy Habits at the Work Place
1. Sleep better.
Feeling tired and unproductive? Do less, not more. Being exhausted will only reduce productivity. If you need eight to nine hours of sleep per night, then schedule bed time accordingly. It may be hard at first. After all, how can you go to bed with a mind full of tasks to do? One method to try is to turn off all electronics one hour before the scheduled bedtime, and leave all work-related items out of the bedroom. Spend the time that you use to get ready for bed in utter silence, and don't forget to set your alarm. And by alarm, we mean an actual alarm o'clock and not your smart phone. Continue this bedtime ritual for 21 days and see if there is improvement.
2. Have walking meetings.
When your body is active, your concentration kicks up a notch. Traditional conference room meetings require a lot of idle sitting that might make you loose focus. Prevent "zoning out" with walking meetings. If you are on a conference call, then download the communication app on your phone and take it on the walk. If you can't walk, then at the very least stand up during meetings.
3. Park far away.
Taking a few extra steps a day makes a difference over time. If you drive to work, then park far away from the building. This will enforce walking time before and after each work day.
4. Clean up at the end of the day.
Arriving at a messy desk each morning can dampen the entire day. Before leaving work in the evening, clean up the work space. Throw away or recycle items that you no longer need, straighte up paperwork and wipe the desk clean. With this ritual, you can start the next day with both a neat workspace and a clear head space.
5. Plan for the next day.
Planning for the next day increases productivity. Prior to leaving for the day, list your priorities, block time on your calendar, and add stretch goals. Having a clear vision of what tomorrow will look like gives you both clarity and motivation to go the extra mile.
6. Take the stairs.
If you don't have time to exercise during a jam-packed work day, then sneak in exercise whenever you can. Taking the stairs is a great way to burn calories. Instead of using the elevator to get to the office, go to conference rooms or visit team members on a different floor, walk up and down the stairs instead. Over time, the effort adds up.
7. Drink before you bite.
Craving sweets in the middle of the day? Before grabbing another cookie at the coffee bar, ask yourself: am I hungry or just thirsty. Many times, we crave food because we are actually thirsty. Before snacking, drink a cup of warm water and see if you are still hungry.
8. Do it for your loved ones.
Having a reason to be healthy makes it easier to adopt healthy habits. Think of your loved ones when you are exhausted and irritated from work. They will appreciate the healthier version of you.
Parting Thoughts
When you are exhausted, you are more likely to form bad habits. Your brain is fried, you can't think strategically, and you react emotionally to issues at work. Instead of pushing harder, perhaps the best thing to do is to stop pushing all-together. Allow yourself the space and time to re-center and regain control. You are not quitting; you are taking a break. You are giving yourself the opportunity to adopt healthy habits that will help you grow and develop.

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