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The road to success is filled with road blocks. How you handle the challenges defines who you are. When you need inspiration, motivation and re-focus and no one to turn to, turn to the authors who wrote great books, the influencers who dream, speak and live success, and the YouTubers who help others achieve the most out of life. Scroll down and find five of YouTube's most inspirational channels.

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Five Inspirational YouTube Channels
1. TEDx
From industry leaders to innovators to educators, TEDx offers a wide variety of thought-provoking speeches. The speakers are diverse in background but share one underlying commonality, and that is they are here to motivate, innovate and inspire. Every single TEDx video contains great content that will elevate your thhinking.
2. Ed Mylett
Following his father's example of hard work and tenacity, Ed Mylett decided from a young age to never work for anyone else. Since then, he has created his career around motivating entrepreneurs to max out on their potentials. Today, he is an accomplished author, entertainer and motivational speaker. With over 585K subscribers on YouTube, Mylett's videos consist of interviews with other "maxed-out" entrepreneurs, motivational compositions and various topics that help others achieve their dreams.
3. Evan Carmichael
An introvert who failed at many businesses, Evan Carmichael began his YouTube channel in 2009. After five years of consistent work, he gained only a little over 9,000 subscribers. Most people would quit by now; Carmichael kept going. Today, his channel has over 3.37M subscribers, and continues to provide motivating compositions. Watch one of his best videos below.
4. Joe Dispenza
In his channel, Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches others about how to "demystify the mystical" so that everyone can make measurable changes in their life. A practitioner of the words that he preaches, Dispenza is a true believer in the power of thoughts, and teaches others to frame their thoughts in ways that will manifest success.
5. Sadhguru
Considered one India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru teaches us how to be spiritual in business, politics and everything that we do in life. His videos are intellectually-stimulating, engaging and entertaining. The video below exemplifies how powerful his message is.

Parting Thoughts
Whether you are pursuing a serious milestone in life or are searching for a higher level of motivation, you will need support, inspiration and examples from various sources. When you don't get the inspiration that you need from the people who are close to you, look online. In addition to the YouTube channels mentioned above, there are other great resources like websites, books, magazines, blogs and social media. If you want success badly enough, you will natually gravitate to the people you want to be.
If you surround yourself with thought leaders, you will become one yourself.

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