10 Jobs in High Demand in 2020 (that are High-Paying and Fast-Growing)

By Nan Nan Liu | Strong Female Leaders

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We all understand that while some jobs grow, others diminish; and in our rapidly-changing world, they do so in lightning speed. We've all seen lucrative positions disappear as the world becomes more digital, automated and competitive. This leads us to wonder: what are the highest paying and most in demand jobs in the immediate future that will continue to grow, so that our skills never become obsolete?

As 2020 approaches, our thoughts often glide into visualization mode. We want a better and more secure future, and crave to make changes to achieve what we want.

So then, in career, what exactly do we want?
To narrow scope, we found 10 of 2020's highest paying and most in demand jobs for you, as a guide. Charles Darwin said,"it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." In our rapidly-changing world, the future is as unpredictable as the weather; and it leaves us feeling concerned and apprehensive. With the knowledge in today's article, we can at least gain a bit of control back, and adapt to a rather fickle future.
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." -- Charles Darwin
1. Software Engineer
Job Description
Software Engineers write, debug, update and test code that are designed to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks include performing calculations, managing data and displaying the information to end users. Software Engineers are desired in every industry, and build various types of software. While some Software Engineers are self-taught, most require at least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
Software Engineers typically have two primary career paths: 1) they progress technical architecture and systems or 2) progress into managing teams, projects (technical project management).
Responsibilities for Software Engineers include:
  • Design, develop and maintain test suites (manual and automated).
  • Configure various development platforms using various tools.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and enhancements for existing code.
  • Work with other Engineers to ensure that all teams follow the best software engineering practices.
  • Median Salary (National Average): $89,000

    Highest Salary: > $125,000
    2. Physician Assistant
    Job Description
    Physician Assistants are highly skilled medical professionals whose main focus is to alleviate providers' responsibilities during shortages and to increase the efficiency of the healthcare system. With the growing demand for healthcare professionals, including the expanding baby boomer population, Physician Assistants have excellent job prospects and growth opportunities. According to the National Commission, there are currently 100,000 certified physician assistants working in the United States; and the Physician Assistant employment opportunities will increase at a 38 percent rate through 2022.
    To become a Physician Assistant in the United States, one must acquire the Certification of Physician Assistants. They are expected to practice medicine alongside Physicians; and their responsibilities include delivering medical and surgical care and providing medical supervision. Their goal are to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
    Median Salary: > $115,200

    3. Nurse Anesthetist
    Job Description Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, and other medical professionals to ensure the safe administration of anesthesia. Their responsibilities include providing pain management, stabilization, and patient recovery. Nurse anesthetists require advanced training and are lucratively-compensated.
    The Certified registered nurse anesthetists responsibilities include:
  • Administer anesthesia during medical procedures
  • Perform epidural, spinal, or nerve blocks
  • Care before, during, and after anesthesia
  • Examine patients’ medical histories to ensure safe pain management
  • Explain contraindications or side effects of anesthesia to patients
  • Monitor vital signs during medical procedures
  • Median Salary: >$67,000 per year

    4. Project Manager
    Job Description
    Project managers plan and supervise projects to ensure that they complete on time and within budget. Project managers' key responsibilities include:
  • Planning and designating resources
  • Preparing budgets and estimations
  • Monitoring team progress
  • Communicating between teams
  • Keeping key stakeholders informed
  • There are many types of Project Managers, including IT, Digital Marketing and Construction. Usually, Project Managers have educational background in Computer Science, Engineering, as well as business. Many also have years of experience and a professional PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate.
    Median Salary: > $80,000

    5. Marketing Manager
    Job Description
    Marketing Managers strategize, develop, oversee the implementation marketing plans for companies and products, and evaluate the result of each marketing effort to make further marketing plans. Marketing Managers possess strong communication and analytical skills, and have a strong understanding of current trends. Many of them have degrees in Communication or Business.
    Key Responsibilities of Marketing Managers are:
  • Create and implement overall marketing plan.
  • Develop Marketing Programs to support specific objectives across various channels.
  • Market through various channels and collect, analyze and extrapolate large data sets.
  • Evaluate the results of marketing programs, including whether they have achieved their objectives, and the impact they posed on lead flow, LTV and retention.
  • Develop and manage research projects to gain consumer insights in order to continuously improve the company's marketing strategy.
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders, internal teams, creative teams, vendors and outside agencies.
  • Median Salary: > $82,000

    6. Business Analyst
    Job Description
    Business Analysts' core responsibilities include identifying and translating a company's business needs to the IT teams, analyzing business processes, and creating strategic plans for those business needs, opportunities and processes. Business Analysts must collaborate with various parties, including stakeholders, architects, developers, and subject matter experts. Business Analysts must have excellent communication and analytical skills, and must enjoy working in a collaborative environment.
    Core Responsibilities of Business Analysts are:
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Assist with project management
  • Gather and analyze data, requirements and results
  • Coordinate with various teams member to optimize business outcomes
  • Test business processes and find ways to improve
  • Median Salary: > $69,000
    7. Product Manager
    Job Description
    Product Managers lead efforts to develop products by identifying product potential, researching market needs, defining requirements and specifications, creating production timetables, and strategizing plans for product introduction. Some Product Managers are also involved in pricing and marketing.
    Product Managers must have incredible people skills, are customer centric and understand various business aspects such as requirements analysis, product development, sales planning, inventory control and other financial and business strategies.
    Major Responsibilities of Product Managers Include:
  • Determines customers needs by conducting market research.
  • Appraising new product ideas and recommend changes.
  • Assess competition.
  • Define product marketing objectives.
  • Develop sales strategies.
  • Provides information for short-term and long-term sales forecasts, reports and analyses.
  • Facilitates inventory turnover and product availability and adjust inventory levels and production schedules.
  • Bring new products to market.
  • Maintain ongoing product management.
  • Median Salary: > $104,000

    8. Dentist
    Job Description
    No surprise. Dentists treat patients' teeth and gums. They provide regular maintenance, detailed procedures like root canals and extractions, and conduct evaluations for extensive orthodontic procedures. Most dentists work at independent practices. In order to practice dentistry full time, Dentists are required to obtain state license, a degree from an accredited dental school, and complete residency program in their area of specialty.
    Median Salary: > $151,000

    9. Software Architect
    Job Description
    Software Architects design and develop frameworks for software systems. They are high-level technical decision makers for design choices and technical standards. Architects oversee and collaborate with others on development teams and usually the lead projects and have high influence over decision makers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software Architect expected to see higher than average job growth through 2024.
    Median Salary: > $120,000
    10. Engagement Manager
    Job Description
    Engagement Managers build positive relationships with clients after they have signed a contract. Their main responsibility is to solve issues that clients experience, such as billing and invoicing, managing expectations, and working with sales. They also prepare reports on the progress of the project.
    Most Engagement Managers have experience working in customer service. They also hold a bachelor's degree in business or marketing. They have great problem solving skills and can communicate effectively.
    Median Salary: > $93,000

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