5 Blogs That Make Over $10,000 a Month

By Sarah Go | Strong Female Leaders | Reading Time: 5 Minutes
Whether you started a blog for business or pleasure, blogging can be an addictive hobby and an effective method of personal branding. For some bloggers, it can be lucrative as well. If you are considering starting a blog for financial gain or monetizing the one that you already have, the following blogs can be motivators. Each one makes over $10,000 a month! Scroll down and find out which ones they are.

1. Sarah Titus
A single mom, Sarah was homeless a few years ago. When everyone, including the judge, her lawyer and her mom, asked her to "get a real job," Sarah stuck to her guns about blogging for an income. Within one year, she made over $10,000 from her blog. Today, she counts on multiple income streams online, including a shopify store and online courses, to generate over seven figures a year to support her family with.
Her success as a digital entrepreneur started with one blog. In this article, Sarah explains how she reached $10,000 a month in income her first year blogging.
2. Fin Savvy Panda
Ling started Fin Savvy Panda blog in 2018, after realizing how much she enjoyed giving advice about personal finance to family and friends. In a short amount of time, she was able to monetize her blog through onsite ads and affiliate marketing, and grow her blog into a side hustle that generated over $10,000 a month. Over the next few months, as her blog consistently generated more income, Ling quit her 6-figure a year job and began to blog full time. She now provides courses online that teach others how to grow and monetize blogs and live the lives that they want.
3. Gathering Dreams
After working overtime at a soul-sucking job for over 11 years, Sara started Gathering Dreams to share her passions in life and to give generating passive income a try. She set a goal to make $1,000 a month in one year. In three months, she made over $3,000 per month. Seeing such positive results gave Sara the confidence to quit her day job and blog full time for income. After months of hard work, her blog now exceeds $10,000 of income each month. For Sara, however, it's not all about money. It's also about living the life that she designs, enjoying financial freedom, and spending more time with the people that matter the most.

4. Kate Kordsmeier
In 2015, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, leaky gut syndrobe and other health issues, Atlanta-based mom and freelance journalist, Kate Kordsmeier, began her wellness journey and documented it on her blog, Root + Level. After turning Root + Level into a 6-figure business, Kate started a personal blog that teaches new bloggers how to turn their passion into full-time income. From the mistakes that she has made over the years to connecting with other successful online entrepreneurs, KateKordsmeier.com is a one-stop shop full of entertaining articles and great business advice. If you are looking for a well-rounded lifestyle blog that exemplified success in the blogging world, then Kate's blog is the right place to visit.
5. Fit Mommy in Heels
A group fitness instructor and a personal trainer, Lauren of Fit Mommy in Heels has no problem expressing herself creatively. She started her blog in 2016 and writes about fitness, fashion and life as a mom of three. Over the years, her fun-filled blog grew into a $11,000-per-month income machine, using display ads, sponsored posts and affiliate links. If you also want to blog in the fitness and fashion space, and are looking for inspiration, Fit Mommy in Heels is a good place to start with.
Parting Thoughts
Bloggers are entrepreneurs at heart, and leaders in the growing digital nomad domain. They are creative, motivated and most importantly, add value to their audiences. If you are thinking of blogging for income, the possibilities are truly endless. Like with any business, blogging takes hard work but has the potential to generate a handsome reward. If you are persistent and passionate, you can make as much as $10,000 a month doing what you love. Now, all you have to do is to trust yourself and take action.
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