How to Dress for Success: Spring 2020 Fashion for the Office

By Freelance Contributor | Strong Female Leaders

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How to Dress for Success: Spring 2020 Fashion for the Office
When trends become dominant styles, they are worth investing in. In spring 2020, the hottest trends are both refreshing and lasting. There are stunning pin stripes, flow-y pieces, and colorful prints. From runway to the office hallway, these brand, new trends add cool and confidence to your wardrobe.
1. The Tropical Printed Skirt
Bring easiness to the office with a lovely tropical printed skirt. Its calming colors and prints will cheer you up with thoughts of summer.

2. The Flow-y Pant Suit
Combine authority and coolness with a pant suit that has light material and flow-y silhouette.

3. Fine lines
High contrast pin stripes make a powerful statement, especially on a power suit.

4. Pops of Color
This season, sorbet colors are all over the run way. They are flavorful, unique, and add a punch to any outfit.

5. Smoky Suede
Love the lux of suede? We do too. We especially love the richness of all over leather.

6. Confident Cargo
Cargo is for the confident girl. And boy do we need more of them!

7. Ying and Yang
With fierce high contrast colors, how could you not wow them.

8. Satin
Add sheen and elegance to your outfit with a touch of classy satin.

9. The mint suit
Green is the color of money; and mint tones it down for the summer. Mint is also great for warmer seasons.

10. Ruffled Maxi
This fun, tiered style adds personality to business wear. It has an interesting silhouette that moves as you move.

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