New Year's Resolutions? Make Them Stick with These 5 Tips

By Joselle A. | Strong Female Leaders

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New Year's Resolutions? Make Them Stick with These 5 Tips
It's that time of that year: time for New Year's resolution. If you are swearing off making these promises for good, then good for you. However, if you still have the grit to make resolutions as the New Year unfolds, you might want handy tools to ensure that you can stick to your resolutions.
Here are 5 New Year's resolutions tips to get you started.
1. Keep your ideas small.
A common reason why resolutions fail is because you overestimate your ability to accomplish them. This year, from the start, take stock of what you can do and tailor your resolution accordingly. Keeping your ideas small keeps resolutions practical and doable. Small goals also help you create the momentum that you need to accomplish bigger and more complicated goals as the year progresses.
2. Write your progress down .
Written notes make evaluation more concrete; and charting your progress makes the process measurable. We recommend writing your goals and the specific steps needed to achieve them. Then, follow up by documenting progress notes as the year unfolds.
3. Share your resolution with someone.
Be accountable and be public about it. Start by telling it to a friend or family member who has your best interest at heart. Accountability can be your best tool when someone you trust and respect is watching.

4. Give yourself permission to fail.
New Year's resolutions do not need to be perfect. It is absolutely natural, and healthy, to to take a few steps back and breath. It you continue to keep your eye on the prize, then taking breaks can certainly help in the long run. If you fall down, you can get back up. Your resolutions only stop working when you quit.
5. Join a group.
Tasks are always harder to do alone. If you want to, for example, quit smoking, lose weight, or become more efficient at work, seeking out like-minded people provides the psychological support that you need to keep going. Joining groups such as Weight Watchers, NA, or even an online support group, can expedite your process. Also, consider attend networking events to soak in the energy of people who have the same goals as you do.

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