New Job? 8 Ways to Impress Your New Employer on the First Day

By Freelance Contributor | Strong Female Leaders

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8 Ways to Impress Your Boss on the First Day
After acing your job interview, you now have to prepare for the next step: acing your first days on the job. Your new boss and team will be making assessments and deciding whether you are a good fit for the team, or not. This may arouse you to feel uncertain, or perhaps a little scared. Fear not. With a bit of prep, and the information in today's article, you can leave a positive impression on both your team and your boss.

1. Arrive On Time
Punctuality is as important during your interview as it is on your first day on the job. Tardiness projects a lack of dependability, so ensure that you get to the office on time, if not early. Actually: if you arrive early, you will show great enthusiasm, which always leaves a lasting impression.
2. Prepare Smart Questions
Formulate a list of questions that: 1) touch on your responsibilities, 2) set expectations, and 3) inquire the vision of the organization.

Such information grants you access to your employer's inner thoughts and puts you on the same page as him or her. Having a shared goal with your new boss and team creates an immediate connection.
3. Bring a Notebook
And take notes! On your first day on the job, you are expected to learn, like a student. It helps you remember information, policies, answers and other important material. It levels the learning curve and enables you to look attentive.

4. Request Regular One-on-One's with Your Boss
Requesting regular meetings with your boss creates a foundation for trust building. At the beginning of any relationship, it takes regular face-to-face conversations to enforce unity, respect and trust. Plus, it's a great opportunity to learn from a senior person at your new job.
5. Take On Assignments Outside of the Department
Show initiative by taking on opportunities that are outside of your expected responsibilities. This provides an opportunity to showcase your versatility and openness. It also opens you up to leadership opportunities and various people in your network.
6. Stay In-Tune with Your Boss
Winning your boss over can really improve cordialness and productivity. One tactic to stay in your boss's good graces is to view him as a customer whose trust you hope to earn. Give him your utter attention and high quality services. Communicate with him or her on often and with the highest professionalism. All your hard work will pay off.
7. Be Interested About Your Co-Workers
Breaking the ice between you and your new team is almost always necessary. Being aware of their job details, experience levels and work style can both improve your relationships and also quicken your ways around the team politics. Your team members are your best asserts; so take your time and get to know them. Be genuinely interested in their work, lives and hobbies. This effort will also pay off in the long run.
8. Admit Your Mistakes
As a brand new employee, you will make mistakes. When mistakes happen, tackling errors immediately is your best solution. Honesty, at this point, is your best bet. Admit to your mistakes immediately, offer a solution to fix it, and move on. Your resolution-oriented attitude will project confidence and positivity.

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