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By Freelance Contributor | Strong Female Leaders

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How to Dress: Business Professional Attire for a Classy Woman
Whether you are changing careers or transitioning from college into the workforce, it's important to know how to dress as a professional woman. Though appearance isn't everything and doesn't reflect your talents or personality; it does, however, reflect how you feel about yourself. Dressing well is a sign of self respect, and how much you respect the people you work with. If you want your co-workers to respect you too, make sure you not only deserve your position by merit, you also dress the part. Need help? Try adopting the following tips.

1. Develop a blazer collection.
Blazers are universally flattering. They are also acceptable for work in all seasons. To make blazers work as a part of your business attire, make sure that the fabric is seasonally appropriate, has unique yet office appropriate colors and patterns, and looks both professional and interesting. Blazer in bold, unique colors like navy blue, emerald green and fire red not only sharpen up an outfit, they make a bold statement too. For each season, try to include one or two blazers that reflect the season. For example, in the fall, wear a blazer with burgundy shades or a pattern like plaid or houndstooth to represent autumn's warm and cozy feel. For winter, choose a festive color like red and green. A bit of glitter and shimmer doesn't hurt for the holidays either. For the spring, wear bright fuschia or yellow blazers, or one with fun prints and pastel colors. Last tip: some blazers can be pricy; so, if you're saving up, try purchasing an inexpensive blazer from the thrift store, and add shiny gold buttons to them.

Keep it light for spring.


The perfect summer blazer with lighter material and lovely floral print.


Fall in love with autumn's rich colors.


Get festive with shimmer and glitter.


2. Find your power color.
It's always a great idea to discover which color works best with your skin tone. If you're unsure, start with the basics like black, navy blue and grey. Those colors always appear powerful. If you are brave and likes to take a chance, start with red. Red's fierce persona can really send a powerful message. A stylish, classy and take-charge woman knows how to wear her signature color.

Make your outfit pop with this red jacket.


Stand out in this sapphire colored blouse.


Wow them with this bright yellow dress.


3. Include pencil skirts.
Classy women wear pencil skirts. However, a classy working woman knows the value of wearing pencil skirts. They are shapely yet professional, sexy yet formal, and flirtatious yet office appropriate. Please make sure that your pencil skirt isn't skin tight and stops at below your knees. For a more casual environment, wear a long cardigan or casual blazer with your pencil skirt. For a fun appeal. pair your pencil skirt with a layered top like peplum top.

Create depth with a sequined pencil skirt.


Look sharp in basic black.


Have fun in leopard.

VFSHOW Womens Elegant Ruched Ruffle High Waist Pencil Midi Mid-Calf Skirt

4. Wear an incredible yet functional purse.
When you're looking at efficiency in the workplace, you'll need to think about your commute from place to place. If you're feeling disheveled and disorganized, this is going to impact the way you actually look. This is one of the reasons why it's great to invest in a purse that will allow you to store everything you need to carry without getting flustered. If you have a large Chanel bag, it can serve as your briefcase to carry a tablet, a small notepad and more. Plus, designer bags tend to be spacious and fun to wear. A leather option might prove to be more durable. Furthermore, there are a lot of business women who are discovering the beauty of the leather backpack. Look for leather options that can transform into a chic backpack so that you can walk around hands-free.

Spade, the quintessential city girl brand.

Kate Spade NY Naomi Leather Backpack Tote

Sleek and functional with Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Abbey Large Signature Cargo Backpack

Light and tight with a Marc Jacobs Mini.

Marc Jacobs Mini Leather Backpack

5. Get creative with accessories.
Accessories always make an outfit really pop. When the foundational garments are in order, the accessories serve as the really nice cherry on top of a great sundae. It's okay to take risks with your accessories. Even though it's not popular among women, find a few great pairs of cufflinks in bright colors. They can serve as an interesting twist to a jean button-up top or a simple black button-up top. Find a few brooches with interesting graphic art or designs. A brooch always looks nice with a blazer or a blouse. You can also opt to include accessories like jewelry and pocket squares. If you're a lover of hoop earrings, find pairs that are understated and work for the work culture you're immersed in. Push the limits, but not too far.

Sparkle up your outfit with a crystal brooch.

Empress Monarch Winged Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones Brooch Pin

A classic scarf is perfect for a classy woman.

Burberry Camel Brown Iconic Giant Check Cashmere Scarf

Look cool and collected in a pair of aviators.

Ray Ban AVIATOR Non-Polarized Sunglasses

6. Prioritize comfort.
As the work day lingers on, you'll naturally get tired and want to get more comfortable. Always include a contingency plan. This might mean that you'll need to pack an extra pair of flats. If you're walking in heels, they tend to take a toll on the body after a period of time. Make sure that your pumps and your flats include comfortable insoles and padding. There are tons of options you can purchase for a comfortable walking experience. If a pair of pants feel too tight, don't hold on to it. You don't want to be the individual who is waiting for the meeting to end because you're grossly uncomfortable in your attire after lunch. If carrying a purse is too much on your shoulders, find a small option that comes with wheels. Comfort is very important as you get older.

A lovely pair of ballerina flats are both comfortable and stylish.

Coach Womens String-Tie Ballet

Moccasin at work? Yes please!

Michael Michael Kors Women's Fulton Moccasin

These slide on's are very cute and easy to wear.

Tory Burch Womens Minnie Closed Toe Slide Flats

7. Wear layers.
Whether you're working in a co-working space or a cubicle, chances are you don't have much control of the temperature in the room. Knowing this, it's always wise to be prepared. If you have a small office or cubicle that you can leave items in, keep a sweater on hand. It's also good to wear layers. If you have a simple white v-neck t-shirt paired with a blazer and a pencil skirt, most people will barely notice the t-shirt. However, if it's hot in the office, you can take off the blazer and stay cool with the t-shirt. If it's cold in the office, you can pull out the sweater to add an extra layer.

Lean and long with a light weight cardi.

Women's Button Front Long Sleeve Casual Cardigans

Striped navy and yellow gives a preppy appeal.

RichCoco Women's Striped Button Down Open Front Long Sleeve Cardigan

Staying classic with black and white.

Myobe Women's Elbow Patch Striped Open Front Cardigan Coat

8. Wear a signature piece of jewelry.
If you think about the concept of branding again, a piece of jewelry is a great way to brand yourself. Whether it's a statement ring that you wear every day or an understated gold necklace, find a piece of jewelry that's synonymous with you. Make sure it's a piece that can work with lots of different outfits. In order for you to wear it often, it's a great idea to make sure it's not costume jewelry that can tarnish easily.

9. Get clothes tailored.
Never underestimate the power of tailoring. If you have the financial margin to purchase expensive suits, you should still make sure they're tailored to fit your body. If you have to run to the thrift store to pick up a few pairs of pants and a few blazers, still run to the tailor to get them fixed. You can buy the most inexpensive piece, get it tailored and look like a million bucks. It's a small investment that can make a major difference in your appearance.

10. Present a clean, polished appearance.
Even though you can apply all of the previous tips and do well, nothing's more important this tip. If you want to learn How to Dress Business Professional, you'll have to make sure you create a clean, polished palette. If your clothes have stains, take them to the cleaners or wash them correctly. If a top is ill-fitting, take it to the tailor or toss it. If a shirt needs to be ironed or steamed, take care of it. Purchase the supportive undergarments you need in order to present a polished look.


As you work on learning more about How to Dress Business Professional, know that it's a process. You will have to tweak and build your wardrobe over a period of time. However, know that the effort is worth it. Within a year, you should be able to look in the mirror and see how you've evolved. Start small with steps like making sure you own a lint brush, a well-fitting blazer and an iron. As you continue to build, you'll be able to cultivate the quintessential look that represents how to dress professional woman.

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